Creed Bratton: Rubber Tree

Following up on his awesome free song download last month to all of you, here is The Office’s Creed Bratton with a video of “Rubber Tree,” backed up by Ed Helms on banjo!

Please leave Creed a comment below and let him know what you think! :)

(But seriously, how can you not tap your toes while watching this?)




Rubber Tree (right-click, then choose Save Link As or Save Target As)

‘Rubber Tree’ is a single from Creed’s upcoming CD, ‘Bounce Back,’ due for release on Creed’s birthday, February 8, 2010.

Learn more about Creed’s music at


  1. Creed and Ed should definitely form a band like the actors from House and Heroes did( play some shows for Charity, they’d be the coolest bluegrass outfit around.

  2. Awesome! I don’t think I’ve ever heard him sing before–I tried to check out the Grass Roots after I saw Creed play guitar in the Booze Cruise deleted scene. I like the Bob Dylan vibe.

    fyi, when I right-clicked I was just given the option of open with… and not any save options.

  3. Wooow! That was really REALLY good! It had a real Dylan feel to it. Bravo to you, sir. Bravo to you!

  4. Wow, there is a lot of people downloading this like XD It’s just an MP3 file, but i have a estimated download time of 15 minutes >_<

  5. Creed rocks. I also really like the song he wrote/sang (Spinnin and Reelin) on A Benihana Christmas.

  6. Great stuff Creed! I’m anxiously awaiting the album release. Hopefully it will be on iTunes, but if not, I’ll get it however/wherever you release it.

  7. I love it! This is fantastic! And that Ed Helms is on banjo makes it all the more fantastic.

    Tanster, please tell me there will be a CD giveaway!

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