1. Hmmm… I think Jim should give Cranford a chance.

    7 | Stefanie, it’s true that if he didn’t give the Finer Things books a real chance, he probably won’t ever watch it–but it’s a hilarious miniseries! He would laugh and laugh. Or at least he could chuckle at Pam laughing and laughing at it. (That’s how that usually goes at our house, anyway.) :-D

  2. It sounds like they’re talking about season 2 or 3. They’ve had a few months now, it wouldn’t take too long to get to the MS stuff.

  3. I should play along with Jim and Pam. I too have been watching an episode the “The West Wing” every night. Weird.

  4. This episode was edited well enough that I don’t necessarily want deleted scenes inserted into it, but man, that “Godfather” thing is classic.

  5. That scene was too cute! My boyfriend and I watch the west wing together before we go to sleep! Pretty much every night at the moment, because he just bought the entire series on DVD. I can’t wait for him to see this.

    The ‘Cranford’ thing made me laugh though, my mom loves it and I hated it and whenever I was round to see her she always had Cranford on.

  6. If Pam really knew Michael, she would have sent him Sbarro pizza from Times Square. Gross. Though, being fast food, maybe it would have kept a little better outside the fridge.

  7. As if Pam would want to watch “Cranford.” Wait… she was in The Finer Things club, so maybe she would…

  8. Steve Carell is genius on a stick. How funny was that? I’d love to know if that was all improvised or scripted.

  9. Steve Carell is hilarious! He looked like he was going to experience vomitosis during his last scene!

    PS: Never heard of “Cranford”. What show is that?

  10. #36, Cranford was a miniseries on PBS with Judi Dench that aired in May.
    I wish they kept this in the episode. We could have seen more Jim/Pam interaction than Pam’s drunk message. Although that was funny in its own right.

  11. Ohhhkayyy so I cannot watch any scenes where Rainn or Steve eat mass amounts of food without dying laughing anymore.

    It’s just not possible. Also… fox meat is delicious.

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