1. I have to admit, those scenes needed to be deleted. Customer Survey was so well executed, it’s going to be hard to find a fault. Kudos to Lester Lewis and Stephen Merchant.

  2. Last night’s episode was classic office! It was great to see most of it taking place IN the office with classic Jim/Dwight stuff going on:) Oh how I missed that!

  3. Haha that face Michael makes at 1:15 (right after he says “carrots”) is the best face I’ve ever seen! Although… kind of Andy-ish!

  4. I gotta admit, I’ve really enjoyed the Stanley/Phyllis camaraderie they’ve built up. Kinda wish that scene was in the show.

  5. Surprisingly, a very good choice of deletion for this scene. I did like the Phylis/Stanley/Andy bit though… but Customer Survey was perfect how it was.

  6. I’m trying to watch this using ultrasurf but I’m still getting “clip can not be played in your location” message. This has never happened before. Anyone else having problems?

  7. Yeah, these were good to leave out. But: “… then I will use the paper to write my memoirs” … awesome!!

  8. Dwight’s talking head was brilliant! I wish they kept that. I can understand why they cut everything else though.

  9. Don’t leave me hangin’!
    Why are all of these funnier than some of the scenes in the actual episode?

  10. #1 I completely agree. In this case- the episode was so perfect, I don’t think anything need to be added.

    Lester Lewis is pretty much a genius (and Stephen Merchant of course).

  11. Jim’s TH was hilarious… but yeah, Stephen, Dave, and Dean found so far the best scenes to cut.

  12. I was wondering when Jim and Dwight found the time to contact their customers to get their feedback. So that explains that.

  13. Aw! Where’s the third one at? After the scenes play it shows a third one called “Dwight isn’t in on the joke” but when you click on it, it’s not in NBC’s file. That look on Phyllis’ face is awesome. Guess I’m not in on the joke either.
    Dwight’s TH should have made the show. It figures he’d have some grand scheme for his bonuses.

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