‘Dan in Real Life’ giveaway

Steve Carell Dan in Real LifeOkay Tallyheads, this is not exactly Office-related, but I’ve got two “Dan in Real Life” DVDs (SRP $29.99) to give away!

I thought the movie was very sweet, and that Steve Carell made a great Everyman romantic lead. My favorite DVD extras were, of course, the outtakes (the first thing I ever go to on any DVD) and “the making of” featurette, which brought a tear to my eye.

Here’s a video clip from the film —
I call it Pancake Rage.

Complete contest details below.

Update April 5

Two winners have now been randomly chosen: congratulations to Michael (#72) and Janae (#141)!

Contest details

Post a comment below with an answer to the following question:

What kind of father do you think Michael Scott would be?

Contest rules

  • 20 words or less.
  • Good spelling, punctuation, and grammar count.
  • One entry per person.
  • Valid email address required.
  • U.S. and Canada only.

Contest deadline

Please post your entry by Saturday, March 29, 11pm PT.

DVD Synopsis

Newspaper columnist Dan Burns is a well-known relationships expert with a secret: His personal life is a disaster! Hollywood’s leading funnyman Steve Carell (“The Office,” 40 Year-Old Virgin) stars in Dan in Real Life, the hilarious and heartfelt comedy about family and true love, coming to DVD and Blu-ray Disc on March 11, 2008 from Touchstone Home Entertainment. Bursting with wit and warmth, Dan in Real Life is a blissfully funny comedy to enjoy again and again. Both the DVD and Blu-ray Disc are loaded with entertaining bonus features including hilarious deleted scenes, outtakes and more.

DVD Bonus Features

The Dan in Real Life DVD and Blu-ray Disc puts viewers right in the middle of Real Life moments with the cast and crew. The bonanza of bonus features includes:

  • DELETED SCENES – Including optional commentary by writer and director Peter Hedges.
  • HANDMADE MUSIC: CREATING THE SCORE – Singer and songwriter Sondre Lerche offers a revealing look at how the movie’s music was made.
  • JUST LIKE FAMILY: THE MAKING OF DAN IN REAL LIFE – Go behind the scenes with the stars for an insider’s view of the film’s production.

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Dan In Real Life DVD
  Dan In Real Life
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  1. Michael Scott as a dad is like Stanley at pretzel day. It would be his favorite thing in the world.

  2. I loved DiRL!

    Michael Scott as a father – a bit scary in theory, but, in actually, a doting parent. (Now Jan… different story!)

  3. Michael would be a natural, especially with a daughter. He’d try hard, mess up, but he’d triumph in the end.

  4. Michael Scott would be a fantastic father. He would love his kids even more than his comedy albums.

  5. Michael Scott would be the most loving dad in the world; however, his kids might turn out a little weird.

  6. Michael is like Eddie Murphy in “Raw”, but they would make him into Eddie Murphy in “Daddy Daycare”.

  7. Michael tries too hard to be the “cool” parent wanting to be loved, when in fact he’s very much loved.

  8. As a father, Michael would be caring, strict, unwitting, awkward, clingy, somewhat intrusive, slightly out of touch, and totally genuine.

  9. Michael Scott would be such a great father that his kids would rebel against their fun uncle.

  10. Michael Scott will systematically destroy the universe one safety lesson to his kids at a time.

  11. Michael would be an amazing father. He might be a little embarrassing, but extremely caring and a lot of fun!

  12. If nothing else, the child of Michael Scott would have an inevitable book and movie deal to look forward to.

  13. Michael Scott would be an under-protective father. He wouldn’t want his kid to miss out, and it would end badly…

  14. Michael Scott is a dutiful father – When asked in an interview about his income, the one thing he said was that he now had enough money to pay for his children’s college education. He’s the kind of father who would make sure that his children had everything they needed. I think he would also try to spend time with his children, but the demands of his career would make that challenging. He would, of course, be an entertaining and interesting father, but would struggle with being patient and understanding of their youthful mistakes and impulses.

  15. Michael Scott as a father would have more fun playing with his kids than the kids themselves

  16. Michael would be the best “little kid lover” there ever was, provided he can find someone to have his child.

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