December contest ideas?

Hey all,

I have a dozen of The Office 2011 Calendars to give away, courtesy of Trends International and Andrew McMeel.

How should I give them away?

Some ideas:

  • Wallpaper design contest: we could have categories for desktop, iPhone, and iPad, for example. (Our last wallpaper contest was in 2008.)
  • Trivia contest: answer a “trivia question of the day” about The Office to win a calendar.

Do you have other ideas, especially ones that are easy to organize? Thanks!


  1. Trivia would be fun. I also like most of the crafty contests you have or ones where you make stuff online (lolcats, wordles, etc).

  2. Wallpaper design sounds cool, but mostly because I’m selfish and want other people to create wallpaper I can steal for myself buwhahahahaha!

    Another thought: Office haiku contest?

  3. I really like the haiku idea! Trivia is fun too. I don’t like creating wall paper and stuff, but only because I’m not computer savvy, if I was, that would totally be my choice.

  4. Wallpapers. More creative and fun to see what people come up with :)

    Trivia questions are too easy and I always feel bad when I know it but don’t get to answer in time :T

  5. I vote for trivia!! But How would you decide who get’s the calendar if multiple people get the answer right? Would it be the first person that posts the answer?

  6. How about a contest to design a new Christmas banner for the top of your site? (I can’t enter because I’m Canadian, but it could be fun for others.)

  7. A contest for Haikus that are related to this season. Short, not too hard to judge and organize and something a little different.

  8. as a former haiku contest winner i am ready to defend my crown. also, writing a talking head might be fun. tanster could make up some situation in the office and then we can choose a character and write a talking head for said character. funniest one wins!

  9. Tanster, I was thinking once while watching the show that it would be really cool to have a contest in which people submit wallpaper to be used on Michael’s computer in his office. I notice that he has what looks like the Grand Canyon. Do you think the folks at The Office would get on board with something like this? Just a thought!

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