1. Ahaha, this was great.

    Was I the only one that thought of “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” when Michael talked about having Stanley on a pedestal?

  2. “looking can be as bad a touching”
    kelly kapoor is so underrated.
    and even just hearing about creed cracks me up.

  3. Probably should have been kept in, instead of the final long talking head.

    Great little clip.

  4. Okay, new lesson for the Office editing staff. If you think you should take it out, leave it in. If you think it’s too long, it is. If it’s a Michael talking head and it lasts over a minute, take it out. If it involves Kelly, leave it in.

    By far better than a good 1/3 of the scenes left in tonight.

  5. I am loving whenever the camera crew is recognized :) Wish this one made it into the final cut!

  6. I very much liked how the faux doc crew worked cameras into the story. Felt true to the original format again, like season 2.

    Way to go Stanley for his performance of attitude. Did it seem to others in the cold open and 1st scene that the smiles/laughs in Phyllis and Steve and Jenna were them actually cracking up?

  7. Gracie in all fairness to the editing staff they have great material to sort through, the hours of deleted scenes on the season 3 DVD show that, so sometimes it must be hard for them(editors and producers) to decide what stays.

  8. I agree that this should have been left in, probably instead of Michael’s final talking head. They’ve cut out some great Michael/Pam/Jim break room scenes the last couple of weeks. What gives?

    And of course, Kelly is great!

  9. it must be a generational thing. i loved michael’s talking head at the end.

  10. AHH! That was hilarious. Especially when Michael was commenting about Jim’s chin size. That shouldn’t have been cut

  11. They cut out big marble jerk stand?!?! That is classic :) Thanks for posting!

  12. Great deleted scene. I loved Kelly’s comment about Creed and Jim’s chin comment. LOL.

    Loved last night’s episode. Old school Office with the cameras. Nice job!

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