1. Oh man, Dwight’s chart is great. Oscar gets two male symbols, Dwight ranked himself higher than Jim as ORIGINAL Assistant Regional Manager. There are so many subtle things. I can’t figure out the yellow line from Ryan to Stanley though…

  2. LOLOLOL at Dwight’s org chart!! Love his footnote at the bottom: “Intellectual Property of Dwight K. Schrute for 1,000 years.”

  3. I love Dwight’s chart and tanster, the first thing I noticed was the Menstruation Legend! I even liked the inclusion of “Post Menopausal” as a category. I also love all the lines to the Party Planning Committee. I think this chart is my new favorite Dwight creation, “intellectual property of Dwight K. Schrute for 1,000 years.” LOL.

  4. i think the yellow line from stanley to ryan has to do with the conflict that stanley and michael have in the next episode. maybe it means that stanley goes to ryan for help? is stanley replacing ryan?

  5. What is Meredith’s job? I must have missed this through the years! And I can’t quite make it out on Dwight’s chart. PS, the Menstruation Legend is BRILLIANT.

  6. What do Darryl, Lonnie & Stanley have on their bubbles there on Dwight’s chart? I can’t figure out what it is. Something to signify their black apparently. Oh Dwight.

  7. Did anyone else notice that Phyllis is listed as “Phyllis Lapin” and not “Phyllis Vance” or “Phyllis Lapin-Vance”? I wonder why? Hmm…

  8. is it just me or does Ryan look hot in that picture? What would Michael think of the picture of Ryan?

  9. Dwight’s chart is so packed with greatness it’s hard to even know where to begin. In addition to what people mentioned right off the bat, it looks like Kevin’s little space has an accompanying clover, and Toby’s has a Star of David. Perfect.

  10. LOL at Creed Bratton’s name in quotes, as if they don’t know if it’s his real name!

    It’s cool how Tom and Devon were included, too. I wonder why they included them, but not Roy, Karen, and the other Stamford employees.

  11. Dwight’s chart – priceless! Menstruation Legend! LOL! I think I could do with making one for our very own Michael Scott in my office, so he knows when to wear his hard hat round us ladies in the office. And what the hell is that in Michael’s hair and all over his suit? Looks disgusting. Can’t wait to see what he’s been doing!

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