1. Ooooh… those glasses on Pam!! I bet that’s the unexpected inconvenience from spending the night at Jim’s. She must wear contacts…

  2. no joke- i have been laughing for like, 5 minutes straight after watching that look from pam

  3. And the inconvenience – she wears contacts and she has those really ugly glasses for when she takes them out.

  4. Oh my god! My computer is messed up! I can’t hear anything! What are they saying? Pam with glasses? I can’t put this stuff together without words! Someone give me a mini script of this!

  5. It was such a simple quirk… I can’t believe I never thought of glasses! Huh… she really looks like a receptionist now!

  6. Question: How did you guys know that Pam had “a secret thing” ? It seems you were expecting something…did Jenna Fischer say anything like that ?

  7. #17- Jenna said in an interview that one of her quirks would be revealed in “Did I Stutter?”.

  8. Awwww….I think Pam looks adorable in her glasses. Let the teasing begin. Michael is going to have a field day with this.

    i need those glasses. and yeah, my guess is she wears contacts and doesn’t have any solution so she can’t put them back in.

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