Watercooler Poll: Phyllis’ Wedding

To the horror of JAM fans everywhere, Pam left Phyllis’ wedding with Roy last night.

Tori of the OT Mod Squad wrote me this morning and said, “It seems like people are really divided over ‘Did she or didn’t she?'”

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  1. oh come on, I haven’t completely given up on Pam, and I seriously don’t believe that she did.

    …or should I stop shielding myself from what may be????? haha

  2. I think they talked, maybe made out a little, but I don’t think they had sex.

    I’m more interested in why people think they’re gotten back together. Everyone was convinced Jim and Karen were over when he told her he had feelings for Pam, but they’re not. So who’s to say Roy and Pam are back together?

  3. I don’t think they did anything, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they did.

    If they did, I think she’ll regret it whole heartedly

  4. Pam has invested too much time and energy on being FNB, she wouldn’t fall into old habits. EWWW…just the thought of it….probably makes Jesus cry.

  5. She seemed so vulnerable that night and didn’t even hesitate to leave with Roy.

    I say yes because Roy did an amazing job taking advantage of her

  6. Roy TOTALLY rocked that! And why not? It’s not like Jim didn’t take Karen’s drunk karaoke singing tail home and make the beast with two backs!

    Now tragedy would have been if she went home with some strange… like Creed.

  7. I DON”T think they did.
    It took Pam a lot to get out of that relationship & end the engagement – we’ve gotta believe she wouldn’t be THAT dumb to get involved again.

    It could just be my wishful thinking, except I don’t think the writers would do that to Pam. It’s just not a very creative way to go. We’ve already been there!

  8. they were engaged and dating for ages. she most likely only knows roy on that level so in a moment of weakness, at a wedding, and seeing jim and karen together at that wedding too, nevermind the fact that roy showed three examples that he really does love her (1) the flower comment (2) mentioning that it was funny he was the only one that wanted to get married (3) paying scrantonicity to play their song…it just seemed like the next step, plus i just assumed they did, it wasn’t even an issue until i read all of the commentary

  9. She wouldn’t hop into bed with him just like that. He’d had driven her home and they would have sat in the car for a few minutes with Roy being all fake sweet and Pam trying not to be akward and then she would have gone inside alone and then probably cried, fun.
    Damnit Jim.

  10. Alright Pam, don’t make me bring out my ‘Dump Roy’ shirt again!

    I don’t believe she did anything. As much as Roy may have ‘changed’, I still think he had a bad motive here and just wanted to take advantage of Pam. She’s too smart for that. She was sad, not desperate.

  11. nope. she thanked him for the ride and squeezed his hand and looked sadly into his eyes and hopped out of the car. roy watched her up to her apartment and waited until the light in the living room came on and drove off, listening to jewel’s you were meant for me on the tape player in his truck.

  12. Not a chance. They obviously drove separately to the wedding, so they would have to drive separate cars. I think the farthest she got was his driveway (if that far) and then she told him she couldn’t do it.

    Or, they went to his car and made-out a little bit, but I don’t think she stepped one foot near his house.

  13. OMG! SHE TOTALLY DID NOT!!!!!!!!! Sorry for the caps, but she didn’t, didn’t, didn’t, didn’t, didn’t, didn’t, didn’t, didn’t! Pam is so much stronger than that, and even though Roy was (I hate to admit it) kinda sweet and really hott in his tux, does no one have faith in our little Fancy New Beesly? I mean, think about it, she wasn’t drunk (I don’t think), her and Jim had a cute little talk, and Jim said she was cute. I know that it was almost like her exact wedding, and Jim was with Karen, but c’mon. She totally didn’t. And if she did, I will kick her @55! Now, time to tell myself that it is a fictional, scripted show, and get on with my life (until next Thursday:P). LOL!

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