1. @george

    It’s 5 seconds of footage of awful quality.
    You can’t even make the smallest judgment based on what you saw.

  2. #2 & #3 George: Your sarcasm is appreciated.

    And…just seeing the link saying “Dinner Party” clip put the world back on its axis. My routine is slowly returning: days of preview links and reckless speculation building up to a new show on Thursday nights…yeah, this feels right.

  3. I’m super juiced off of this new episode. I’m here in San Francisco and was considering flying out to the east coast on the morning of April 10th just so I could watch the new episode as soon as humanly possible. Would that be doing too much?

  4. Even if it is only 5 seconds, new Office footage makes my day. 2 more weeks and they cannot go fast enough. I think it’s time to start a DVD marathon. Who am I kidding, I watch them all the time anyway, just not in order.

  5. #8 – Hey, if you can get cheap…. less expensive tickets, I’ll even go with you! I’m up here in Oregon. Does that make me obsessed? Maybe.

  6. This isn’t really a clip, it looks like something that won’t even be in the episode.

  7. I can wait. I can wait. I can wait. I can wait. I can …
    Oh, who am I kidding? I’m all excitement and impatience. I need to see “Dinner Party” NOW.
    It’s going to be a looong two weeks.

  8. this is awesome! i totally flipped out when i saw this !!

    i love that both michael and jan are hugging jim at once. hah!!

  9. #5, I thought that was funny too! As Pam just gets left out to stand awkwardly to the side. *Reading too much into it* I wonder if that means something….

  10. Oh thank you so much to whoever recorded and posted this! I saw it last night and initially thought it had something to do with JK showing up at the Leno show, until I realized it was a real clip — and immediately wished I could see it again! Sad that I’m so excited to see even a three second glimpse of a new episode!

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