1. Jan gluing a broken Dundie! Oh my gracious, this is going to be goooooood….and Dwight sitting next to Michael? huh?!

    On a very superfluous side note, Pam’s hair just looks tremendous, IMHO…

  2. Aww pics! I’m interested in Dwight’s presence at dinner and who is that woman with her hair all done up? Should I recognize her?

  3. wow…how long has it been since we’ve had just jared spoiler pics?!!

    Anway, i’m really pumped for this episode. I love how Dwight doens’t have a place setting and he’s eating out of a bucket lol.

  4. I will not look at these photos. I will not look at these photos. I will not- forget it, I’m looking!

  5. The St. Pauli Girl neon sign behind Michael’s head…now that’s damn classy. I CAN’T WAIT!

  6. Jan fixing a Dundie? A neon sign above Michael? Jim and Pam! (They’re so cute, and I missed them so much!)

    I am super excited now! Can’t wait for April 10th!

  7. Maybe because it’s a “Dinner Party” Jim was forced to look a little neater. His hair is still messy though. What’s Dwight doing in the background?

  8. I had to do it! I’m so excited for this. I agree with #1 that Pam’s hair looks great, but I think they’re making her look more like “Jenna” than “Pam.” Definitely Fancy Fancy Fancy New Beesly.

  9. LOVE Jim’s hair–is Pam wearing his jacket? Le sigh.

    And the woman with the up-do looks like the Dunder Mifflin lawyer lady from “The Deposition”…(?!)

    Poor pouty Dwight.

    And the Dundie. Perfect.

    Is it April 10th yet???

  10. Did anyone else think the yellow stuff on the plates looked like macaroni and cheese? Michael really does know about fine food and drink.

    Mac and Cheese + Red Wine = Best Dinner Party Spread Ever!!

  11. For a show called “The Office”, you’d think that there would be at least one picture of people actually in the office.

    I’d give almost anything for an episode of “The Office” that actually took place in the office–like they did in the good ol’ days.

  12. The lighting in some of these seems straight out of a horror movie. And in others, everyone looks like, I don’t know… Like we’re just seeing photos from a cast party. They just don’t look in-character anymore, you know? Hmmm.

  13. Oh I thought the yellow food on the plate was rice, although macaroni and cheese would make way more sense for this dinner party.

    I really want to know who the mystery woman is. Could be the lawyer, but what would she be doing there?

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