1. i want the calendar. i hope it has a good shot of pams face at the end of the finale :]

  2. I have the 2007 calendar, so I’m happy to see that they have a 2008 calendar (two of them, in fact). I wonder what the difference is between them. Does the dvd calendar actually have a dvd with it? I wish you could see the back of the calendar to see what the monthly pictures are.

    #4 – I bought the cast photo tumbler shortly after it first became available. I get lots of comments on it.

  3. Nevermind. I found the calendars on another calendar website and you can see bigger pictures of the product, including the back cover. The front of the dvd one says “DVD-ROM includes exclusive desktop calendars”.

  4. #6-

    I totally agree. I really want a cool, creative shirt, but the ones in the store never really appeal to me.

  5. What I think would sell is a Pam-style pink cardigan. Maybe a Kevin Malone jellybean jar too.

  6. #14 – Sorry, I spoke (typed) too soon. Here’s where I found it, but they only have the dvd calendar, and they don’t have the back cover yet. That site usually does, so when I saw they had the calendar, I assumed the picture of the back would be there, too, but it says “Image Not Yet Available”. Sorry.

  7. Isn’t there some Office Tally discount code also? Can we use that with this or no?

  8. Swaaaag! I bought the 2008 calendar, the DM hat, the stress balls(now I can play Dunder Ball), and the snowglobe/bobblehead combo (now I have Dwight bobblehead twins).

  9. Big ups, Allison! That wherehouse shirt is so mine.

    Jen – the Roots shirt is discounted now.

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