1. AAH! Love the pregnant belly! I just hope that once this baby comes Pam/Jenna won’t be gone from the show for the rest of the season! And I agree, #3 Annie- I want to see Jim pull an Andy and go all cutesy for his baby.

  2. This should be good, as if going on a double date with your mother isn’t awkward enough your mother dating your boss is even more awkward.

  3. I’m glad Pam’s finally started showing properly – this baby deserves to get more mentions on the show.

    This episode should be great, but I hope Pam doesn’t actually hit Michael – there has to be some disciplinary action there if she does. Others have said her character has changed unbelievably from S2/3 – if she hits Michael, I would have to reluctantly agree with them!

  4. looks like there will be fisticuffs at dawn. or during work hours.

    and the belly… EEP! :oD

  5. Pam’s hair keeps getting blonder this season; I think it looks really good where her skin is so fair. I want Jim and Pam to acknowledge the baby too. I want to see them excited! Other then that I think this episode will be great, I have a feeling painfully awkward moments are in our future.

  6. By the looks of it, it seems Pam is making a threat to Michael when she says she’s gonna hit him. And in the scene outside the parking lot it looks like she’s actually gonna do it. I agree with #9, I really hope she doesn’t hit him, she’s been sort of OOC this season.

    BTW, her pregnant belly is adorable.

  7. What do you think Michael says in the restaurant to the waitress girl? Where Pam looks at him like she’s really mad?

  8. Not gonna lie, when I first saw this promo, I thought the woman that MIchael was talking to at the restaurant was JAN, and not a waitress. I FREAKED OUT! After taking a closer look, I don’t think the woman is Jan, but in my opinion, it would explain the look on Pam’s face (Jan may have said something inappropriate about Pam’s mom, etc etc). I’m excited for this episode!!

  9. I think the woman is the restaurant hostess and Michael is probably over-explaining their personal situation.

    I realize this is a weird thing to obsess over, but what the heck is Dwight holding? I can’t make it out.

  10. I feel like the waitress said something along the lines of “you and your husband” to Michael and Helene which is why Pam looked so angry.

  11. Yes #13. I agree. Pam’s hair keeps getting lighter and lighter. I don’t think it would get that light from one week in puerto rico but whatever it looks really pretty on her.

    and i really want to see jim embrace the baby. that would be beyond adorable :)

    and i feel like pam’s belly has randomly grown a ton. i feel like it would not get that much bigger in only one week.

    oh well. it looks like a really good episode.

  12. It’s so funny seeing Jim and Pam buckled up in the backseat like they’re Michael and Helene’s kids
    ….ok on second thought, by funny I meant horrifying.
    I’m excited to see how this plays out- and there is no WAY Pam will actually hit Michael! Right? I really hope there’s no way.

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