Dunder Mifflin Infinity

Dunder Mifflin InfinityUpdate: VOTING: Vote for the top branch logo and your branch’s favorite Creed design by Sunday, Oct. 14, 8:59pm PT/11:59pm ET. TASKS: Create a branch video! OTHER STUFF: Check out DMI’s latest newsletter and new features, including Inbox, Co-Workers, Photos, Video, and Comments.

Comment policy: No posting of branch codes, branch promotions, or solicitations of employment, please. (Standard comment policy also in effect.)

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Oct. 11

Remember to vote for your branch’s logo by 1pm PT/4pm ET!

Oct. 5

TASK TWO — MAKE CREED YOUNG AGAIN: Think you can make Creed more hip? Check out this week’s design task and if you win, your design will be signed by Creed Bratton himself.

TASK ONE — VOTING COMING UP: DMI is almost ready for branch logo voting to begin. Stay tuned, and thanks to all of you who submitted logos!

Sept. 29

Task 1 has been posted, and your virtual desk is now ready for accessories!

NBC.com says that they “shot pretty much every cool set prop on people’s desks.” Nice.

Sept. 26

From the “What’s New” section on your DMI profile page: “ATT’N EMPLOYEES: Branch hiring confirmations have now been sent out. Yes, this is the email you’ve been waiting for!”

Sept. 24

A Dunder Mifflin Employee Manual has been added to the site, and it’s got lots of interesting little tidbits …

Link: Dunder Mifflin Employee Manual

Sept. 21

Dunder Mifflin Infinity has added 15 new branches to the game: Bakersfield, Oakland, Ft. Myers, Tallahassee, Canton, Youngstown, Decatur, Peoria, Kalamazoo, Ypsilanti, Springfield, Rochester, Schenectady, Odessa, and Waco.

Manager for many of the branches have now been chosen (but not yet notified).

Sept. 20

If you’ve signed up for Dunder Mifflin Infinity, you should have received an email tonight from DMI’s Director, Ryan Howard.

Go read it. You’ll be moved.

Link: Your life is about to change

Sept. 14

Dunder Mifflin Infinity (DMI) is a game in which players become employees of a particular branch. Branches then compete against each other online for Schrute Bucks and prizes throughout the season.

I was lucky enough to get a personalized tour of the site, and I can tell you an incredible amount of work, not to mention attention to detail, went into the creation of DMI.

Let the games begin!