1. Wow, and Ryan the Jerk continues.

    I love how hopeful Michael always starts off. He almost refuses to see things for what they are and tries to spin things for his positive benefit. Like how Ryan wasn’t being condescending to him, he was just asking for “special boss water” and I’m actually doing him a favor by not telling him that there really isn’t “special boss water”, lol. That’s just excellent.

  2. wow, that was harsh! I kind of wish this was in the show, the way that Jim stood up for Michael was sweet. It seemed as though Michael was aware of the “cameras” and felt the need to make up a lame excuse as to why Ryan wanted HIM specifically to get the water. He doesn’t believe what he’s saying. It also made me think that Michael isn’t as stupid as we all think. maybe driving into the lake was also intentional and a way to show the “cameras” and the office that Ryan’s faith in technology shouldn’t be blindly followed.

  3. This was sooo good! It was heartbreaking to see Ryan order Michael like that. And I love Pam offering to get it, and Jim saying it was harsh. The callback to the yams was awesome. “The gas station in carbondale did not have fresh yams!”

    Also, I love that Kelly said Ryan is tickleish and Michael said that he knew.

  4. I love this deleted scene. The part where Jim defends Michael and then Ryan explains his motivation is really important. They should have included this one and cut back on the Bob Dunder visit scene to make up the time.

  5. great deleted scene! definitely should have been in the show. THAT felt more like the office i know.

  6. It’s grrreat! My main beef is that they didn’t include at least the Ryan/Michael showdown in the conference room in the aired episode; Michael so clearly relishes his payback when he tells Ryan to go sit with the others later in the episode, and it doesn’t entirely make sense without the deleted scene. I hate when they do that! Surely we could have done without some of the ridiculous splashing around in the lake. (Someone has suggested that Michael’s car is going to become a running gag this season. I sure hope so, because otherwise, the lake scene was waaay too forced.)

  7. I wonder if this scene is setting up a larger conflict between Ryan and Jim later in the season. This, Jim comments to Kevin and Andy hint at it as well as the scene where Ryan hits on Pam. I’m not talking abot a love triangle, maybe something regarding business. Maybe Jim turned down Ryan’s job.

  8. this sooooo should have been in the original airing. i spit out my juice seeing the “revised” version of the banner. Also, i loved how jim stuck up for michael. the writers said the ryan and jim would have some riffs. just didn’t think it would happen this soon. interesting. great deleted scene. good episode.

  9. I agree with Andrew- those two minutes were far better than most of the last half of the show. These last two episodes have almost had too MUCH plot stuffed in- like the writers are throwing what could’ve been a small arc in season 2 into one hour. Loved the great character moments- Kelly’s writing on the sign, Jim’s defense of Michael, and the way Ryan’s scorn showed that there might be a normal guy hiding in there somewhere :)

  10. That deleted scene really should have been in the show last night–classic “Office” that I fell in the love with the show for in the first place!

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