1. Think this is the best Office parody I’ve seen yet. “I’m looking in a mirror. A Christmas time machine mirror. And then I go back inside because I wasn’t wearing any socks… And then Vin Diesel comes out…” haha!

  2. “That’s more than there are people in the world, Merkle!” This is wonderous. Think of all the hours of work these people put into the parody! Great job.

  3. The set they created is awesome. Great script! What an amazing parody!

    [from tanster: isn’t their set absolutely amazing?]

  4. haha cute! i like the little part with elf jim and pam where they kind of shove each other. did anybody else hear that really high pitched note that played throughout some of the scenes, though? i had to skip two full minutes because i couldn’t listen to that noise…

  5. The rambling go-nowhere talking heads were great, had a lot of the feel of the first season. (Plus Merkel being a jerk to Toby for no apparent reason. Always good for a laugh.)

  6. This was fantastic. They recreated everything, but they didn’t try too hard to exactly replicate characters. It was the perfect balance of impersonation and originality.

  7. Brilliant holiday parody! Kudos to all those involved for doing a super job. They really got the rhythm and flow of Michael’s and Dwight’s talking heads down perfectly. The body language and facial expressions of each character (Toby, Angela, Michael, Jim, Pam, Dwight) were all spot-on, too. Super, super job at taking care of all the little details! Loved it!

  8. “We have done this 938 christmases in a row, one summer by accident. Where is your faith in santa?” That was funny!

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