1. Maybe Dwight has gotten over firing Jim. Andy’s name is crossed off the chart but Jim’s isn’t. Hmmm…

  2. Hilarious, but if they included Devon (fired) and Tom (was he the guy that was depressed?) why wasn’t Roy (fired) on the chart?

  3. Emergency Org Chart!!!

    Dwight to the Rescue!!!

    I have really loved Dwight the last few episodes.
    Now all we need is to have Jim and Pam pull a good prank on him

  4. This is so hilarious! I love all the little details. Looks like he doesn’t think Creed Bratton is Creed’s actual name.

  5. Where is Karen? Tom and Devin are on there and they were both mentioned way before Karen was ever on the show? And Andy is there too.

  6. Oh dawesome, it was hard to see the details on that Sparklies photo.

    22 | Sheikia, my friend theorized that Dwight made the distinction between Meredith’s missing uterus and Phyllis’s natural menstrual-less-ness.

  7. Sorry for the double post.
    22- I think there are two post-menopausal symbols because Meredith was already in menopause when she started working there, whereas Phyllis was not, so he’s included the last know mentruation information in Phyllis’ symbol.
    I really want to know which real people came up with this chart!

  8. Note how somehow the hierarchy of Schrute Farm’s comes into play in Dwight’s overlay. Give. Me. Power.

  9. 22- the only thing I can figure about the two different post-menopausal symbols is that he could be counting Phyllis for age and Meredith for her hysterectomy. Two different causes, two different symbols. It’s Dwight, after all. Details are important.

  10. Tom is included! That’s the most awesome.

    Right when Dwight pulled out the chart I was hoping it would show up online. Thanks, NBC.

  11. These are great! The normal org chart is now my desktop. I’ve wanted a copy of one of these ever since the pictures from this episode were first posted a few weeks ago.

  12. Does anyone know what the line from Lonnie to Michael is for?

    P.S. My favorite part is the two male symbols next to Oscar’s name

  13. So much detail! haha, I love it. I’m SO making this my desktop pic… except I think I’m going to use the emergency one! lol.

  14. I love how the writing in the Warning sign in the emergency overlay is in German. That’s Dwight for you.

  15. Excellent!
    I am definitely making a poster with this.
    The black fists and Creed’s name in quotes, brillant.

    It’s weird how Devon and Tom are still on the chart, but Roy and Jan aren’t, as some here already pointed out.

  16. I love how on Dwight’s emergency overlay, Andy has a giant X over his name

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