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  1. I did enjoy reading this, but I kept thinking, who writes this? Is it NBC marketing staff? Obviously not WGA writers…

  2. I love this, it brightened my none Office Thursday. I love Angela speaking for the accountants, haha.
    And Michael’s chips…. lol!

  3. I’d love to hear “schmepperschmint schschnapps” spoken. And the review of American Gangster: “the only racist here is History.”

  4. awesome…it’s just a shame we have to read about Michael’s new year’s party instead of seeing it…would have made for a great episode.

  5. I want to go to Michael’s Party. I could totally picture Phyllis reading that note, and Angela with the Accountants’ message.

    I guess I just miss The Office. *tear*

  6. That made me happy and sad at the same time! I love how Michael thinks cranking it up to 11 is a Monty Python reference. :) Now that I think about it, I’m surprised we haven’t seen a New Year’s party episode yet. Guess we’ll have to wait ’till next year :(

  7. AgentJimmyScarn – I was wondering the same thing… who writes these??

    And yeah – it just makes me miss The Office more. I really hope they get a fair deal soon. *sigh*

  8. I enjoyed reading this newsletter. But like #2, AgentJimmyScarn, I found myself asking the question: Is this written by a writer?

  9. Perhaps they have a stock pile of these newsletters and still have a few left to go before they run out of ones written by writers. I don’t know though…..that might be one explanation.

  10. Gotta love his reference to setting the volume to “11”, and then attributing it to MONTY PYTHON!!! Priceless, since it’s really a Spinal Tap reference. To blow something like that is SO Michael Scott. I think I’ll just say he “Scott’ed it”.

    (It has come to my attention that some of you have used the expression “Schrute’d”, to denote messing something up. This is clearly incorrect grammar. I believe the word you could be looking for is “Halpert-ed”. IE, “I was going to get some work done today, but instead I ‘Halperted’ around the reception desk all afternoon”, or “He was fired because he was caught ‘Halperting’ at the supermarket during work hours with his weak-armed female coworker”.)

  11. I was wondering who writes the newsletters/blogs since the writers definitely aren’t. Hmmm. Michaels movie review… soo off topic yet, highly entertaining. Only Michael would talk about when mustaches were in style when he is writing a movie review.

  12. Joy, USA Today did a story two days ago about the comeback of mustaches in Hollywood. So, whoever wrote Michael’s movie review probably got the idea from there. Unless… USA Today got the idea for THEIR story from the Dunder Mifflin Newsletter. Hm…

  13. That was mostly hilarious as usual (I love Angela’s – she’s not confrontational? Ha!), but I think Michael’s movie review pushes my limits of believability. I could see him sometimes confusing fiction with reality, but he’s not THAT stupid. He at least knows that Meryl Streep isn’t dead!

  14. These things are MUCH more fun to read when we know the show is coming back :) I love these characters…hurry up April!

  15. Love it! Especially the part when Angela says her coffee tasted like trout :) April cannot come soon enough!

  16. Stanley’s corner cracked me up, I don’t know if the writers of the show have anything to do with these but each of the articles is so in character and spot on.

  17. I agree with SB (#17). And like theheinousculprit (#22), I am wondering who they had in mind as the fish-heater-upper. I’m guessing Phyllis, since we already know that she uses the microwave for popcorn (and as I recall, Phyllis even mentioned that she can’t use the microwave in the kitchen because it smells like popcorn–maybe she’s already gotten a “talking to” by Angela?).

  18. Kelly’s “Advice Column” made me laugh :P
    “I would only bring Toby if I could leave him in the middle of the desert tied up on train tracks.” Oh Michael… how I have missed him!

  19. I loved Dwight’s this time: “So next time you carelessly lose your pens like a frivolous child at a Montessori school…” Hilarious!

  20. who writes these, do the writers of the show actually contribute because each of these actually sounds like the characters, especially Kelly’s column.

  21. I do think the writers write these. They have to, considering they’re so in character.

  22. This is the first time I’ve ever found out about these! Time for some speed reading…

  23. Question:
    I am a huge fan and know all the parts of the office but i am a little confused…what exactly is the “bullpen” part of the office they refer to?

    p.s. love the newletters!

  24. “These fireballs aim for your head”

    Oh, I just love Dwight. Computers coming alive and taking over the world, and fireballs with the ability to aim themselves. The things that must be going on in his head, I can only imagine!

  25. Creed’s “Dog Sitter” bit just cracks me up:

    “I don’t know what you guys do during the day, but I’m pretty much chained to this desk, so it can’t be me.”

    I hope we get these DM newsletters throughout the summer.

  26. I love these newsletters… they’re my favorite of the internet stuff like the webisodes and Creed’s blog and stuff. Also, I might be overthinking it, but why’s Pam writing for the newsletter if she’s in Brooklyn at Pratt?

  27. I live for these DM newsletters. I love that each section so fits that character! And Holly’s seeds are funny…I liked the last one about a pride of lions on parade

  28. Haha I loved Toby’s postcard! And I cried during Wall.E, too. Although, for me, it was because I had one too many martinis beforehand and Wall.E & Eve were just so darn cute! Hahaha =p

  29. HAHA!! Love Pam’s column…Big NCAA basketball fan (go Jayhawks!) but I didn’t think The Office would ever reference Beasley- though I always hoped they would! LOVE IT!

  30. uhm, what is Pam doing writing in the newsletter if she is supposed to be in NY? Perhaps …

  31. 41, Alex-

    That was actually my favorite part (well, second to Pam’s). I liked that it made the newsletter seem real and not just completely jokey. Plus, the wording of “How are we in accounting supposed to know who Jackie is? You need to include Jackie’s last name.” had me in stitches.

  32. 42, Extra Awesome-

    I was really hoping the Bulls would select him. I had visions of having a jersey with Beasley on it. :D

  33. 43 Maryanne-
    The show’s writers might not have anything to do with the online newsletter. So it might not be “cannon.” It’s still funny.

  34. Eek. Pam’s a little racist! Haha. But I love her. Anyway, I liked Michael’s review of Wall-E. I’m hoping he sees Mamma Mia! because it has Meryl Streep. :)

  35. I’m a little worried, too, about Pam apparently writing in the newsletter when she’s supposed to be at design school… Maybe we’re just overthinking.

  36. I love the Pam bit about Michael Beasley and I almost spit my coffee while reading it.

    By the way Pam, it’s called getting drafted.

  37. Aw, Jim, I’ll buy your 360! :)

    And Pam, you should know, you just DON’T come in the way of a guy and his video games. And Wii just isn’t as good.

  38. I have bad news for Jim – the 360 is reportedly going to have a price drop in 2 weeks. He better sell that quick. :)

  39. Ha ha, I loved Jim’s column. I laughed out loud when I read the bit about Pam drawing on the side of Jim’s 360. I can imagine her doing that :) On a JAM note, Jim called Pam his “girlfriend”. Not “fiance”? Hmm. Interesting.

    Every day, I get a little more excited about the premiere! One more month!

  40. As for the whole girlfriend/fiancee thing. Has it ever been established if the newsletter is canon or not? For all we know Jim could propose to Pam in the first ten minutes of the premiere.

  41. boy i thought there would be a lot more excitement/relief from people after reading jim’s column. after all the fears people expressed that jim and pam were going to break up after the finale, i thought everyone who was freaking out about the disrupted proposal would be happy to read that they are still together.

  42. Just reading over the old newsletters again and saw that when Pam was pregnant with Cece, Michael suggested that she dress up as Octomom for Halloween, and Jim dress up as Jon Gosselin. That’s even funnier now that they had their second unplanned child in as many years!

  43. Loved Kevin’s McDonald’s blog, especially this ditty:

    “That’s more friends than my weird aunt has on Facebook! (She friends everybody, even people in jail).”

    Classic Kevin.

  44. Wow, could the latest newsletter (Vol.14 #11) be any more offensive to animals lovers (swinging and skinning cats, not to mention baby cows, weasels and minks)? As someone who works in animal welfare, I don’t find it to be funny, just cheap shots and the lowest grade of humour.

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