‘Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager’ deleted scenes

Clip 4: Gabe turns on the charm to try to win Erin’s heart back.
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Clip 3: The staff resigns themselves to being mindless drones working under a machine.
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Clip 2: Jim takes time out of his busy day for Dwight’s new assistant.
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Uh-oh. What is this second clip implying…

Clip 1: Dwight celebrates the glory of his office and his desk modeled after Uday Hussein’s.
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  1. If she just has a crush on Jim, that could be funny, but I really hope it doesn’t turn into something that comes between Jim and Pam. They have a baby…it just wouldn’t be funny. And my JAM heart would break.

  2. Honestly, there hasn’t been a big source of tension in the Pam/Jim storyline since season 4. It’d be interesting to see a little conflict added to the storyline.

  3. I really hope she backs off. Don’t want anything to come between Jim and Pam!

  4. And there is the trouble for JAM that I’ve been predicting for a while now. NOT happy

  5. She’s just seeing what the rest of us are seeing…she probably can’t help it like we can’t! I’d LOVE to see the tension…then see JAM (both of them) fight for the other! YES!

  6. I’m an absolute JAM fan…. But I’d love to see some tension!! BRING IT ON WRITERS!

  7. Loved the end of the first clip.

    Don’t love the end of the 2nd clip.

    But based on the real life pregnancy, maybe JAM will be expanding the family and that’s why they didn’t show Jordan’s potential crush.

  8. These deleted scenes were great. They were funnier than last week’s episode altogether! JAM forever, btw…

  9. Um, Isn’t it obvious that Jim and Pam are the One-True-Couple of this show? Why are people acting like Jordan is going to come between them. If anything, a young girl’s crush becoming an issue will only make their relationship stronger.

    So yeah, Jordan is gonna be an awesome character. Hopefully more subtle than how Erin developed (over-the-top, but still good).

  10. I never thought I’d ever live to hear John Krasinski say my name! I can die a happy woman now.

    I burn! I pine! I perish!

    (But seriously, if the writers run with that implied storyline, I will burn Nashua AND Scranton to the ground.)

  11. To be honest, we need something thrown into the Jim and Pam machine, their characters haven’t had anything happen to them in forever

  12. I believe that it won’t get in between Jim and Pam, but Pam will get annoyed and it will lead to something like a fight, but Jim wouldn’t cheat if anybody is thinking that

  13. Hahaha, nice. Finally! Some real scenes with Jordan…
    Too bad they were cut from the episode.
    And I would really like to see that “crush” develop a little more. It doesn’t have to end in Jordan splittin’ Jim and Pam! Come on!!
    I imagine it to be more like Stanley’s daughter having a crush on Ryan. I mean, it didn’t end in Ryan getting with her, right? But it did bring some awesome and funny scenes. It could be like that ;-)

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