1. This could be like Frasier…or Joey…it’s leaning towards the latter, but hopefully it will be the former

  2. What on earth does this mean for The Office? They are in contract for next season, right? Is Rainn leaving? I don’t know how I feel about this!

  3. This new just depressed me. In my opinion, The Office cannot continue without Jim, Pam, and Dwight. If any of them leave, they NEED to wrap the series up. And with all three of their contracts expiring this year, either they are going to renew or the show probably will go on without them. At least bring The Office to a close before doing a spin-off.

  4. It’s like it’s 2008 all over again. Which reminds me, I heard the writer’s strike will be over soon!

  5. I had to make sure it’s wasn’t April 1st. Schrute farms isn’t complete without Mose and I doubt Michael Shur has enough time to play a character on a weekly show.

  6. “Don’t believe everything you read in the press, ok?”

    – Tweet from Rainn Wilson 1/25/12 10:36PM(eastern)

  7. To quote Michael. “Please, God, no. No. No. Nooooooooooooooooooo.”

    Dwight is great in small doses and as part of an ensemble but I don’t think he can carry a show. (No slight to Rainn).

  8. I love The Office, but I don’t love this idea. Spin offs are rarely any good (Frasier is the exception).

  9. Not crazy about the idea. If John,Jenna or Rainn leave, I agree the show should end. That in itself would feel like a spin-off.

  10. First of all, I think they should focus on bringing everybody together for one last Office season that will send it off strong! Hopefully everyone signs on board out of respect for the show, at least. As for the idea, I highly doubt it’ll be successful but looked how the Office turned out so you never know. I’ll still keep watching though!

  11. I would definitely watch it, no matter what fears I may have about it. I support everything the people behind The Office do, and this is honestly an interesting idea. It’s something new.

    I just hope it doesn’t mean that Dwight has to leave the show. Now that would REALLY make me lose faith in the show.

  12. @8 Danielle: YES! My first thought was “I feel like Michael when he finds out that Toby’s back.”
    Please do not let this be. The Office is perfect. Why change that?

  13. I’d watch it, but I would hate to lose The Office for it. I think the show can go on for another 2-3 seasons easily with the cast we have.

  14. Only if Mike Schur will reprise Mose, & if Jen Celotta gets to fulfill her dream of playing a Schrute.

    [ from tanster: hear, hear! ]

  15. Wow I’m shocked at how much hate is going towards this “rumored” project. Personally, they SHOULDN’T do this. This alone sparks many questions as to the state of the show right now. Just keep it as is, no spin-offs. I hope it gets one more season next year.

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