Dwight Schrute spin-off ‘The Farm’

Monday, October 29th, 2012 | 68 comments


Rainn tweeted today:

Farm Update: NBC has passed on moving forward with The Farm TV show. Had a blast making the pilot – onwards & upwards!

Followed by:

PS Keep watching the AWESOME final season of The Office. Many surprises & hilariousities coming!

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  1. 68. Karen Patterson  

    completely bummed out about that! You’re my favorite character on ‘the Office.’

  2. 67. Big Haircut  

    After sifting through articles online it appears that they will still air this episode of dwight on the farm.

    Yet surprisingly I have not seen anyone talk about what this means for Dwight Schrute remaining on the show through to the end of Season 9. Is this not something people are interested in? What do people think?

  3. 66. Lin Beifunk  

    Er, I’m not the only one who is kind-of relieved, right?

    I feel like this would have been a complete disaster. No real logic behind that notion other than I think people are tired of The Office (including some fans, it looks like) and, though Rainn would be the only common denominator, this would have felt like an extension of the original rather than its own show.

    Spin-offs of long-standing shows also have a hit-or-miss record, too — and why ‘Frasier’ worked but ‘Joey’ didn’t is forever a mystery to the networks (though not to fans). I love Rainn’s silliness, but I don’t see him as enough to carry a whole program unless he had amazing chemistry with the people cast as his family.

  4. 65. Big Haircut  

    Will they still air the pilot episode on the farm, I wonder?

  5. 64. BrokenBrain  

    Any word if it will air? I thought Rainn had said it was a standalone Office ep?

  6. 63. lynn  

    The way this was handled was harsh even for NBC. Rainn Wilson deserves so much better. With his talent, and popularity, he’s on to new things (at ABC? FOX? HBO?). Good luck to Rainn!

  7. 62. indysoul  

    Not to sound mean, but I’m glad. Because I want Dwight to be manager just like how it ended in the UK series!

  8. 61. Trent  

    Make that pilot a webisode!

  9. 60. Katie Drewes  

    Very disappointed to hear this news. Rainn Wilson is not only a superb actor, but he’s incredibly intelligent and I feel in co-creating The Farm, he got it right. I believe it would have been a hit, carrying over Office fans, and creating a whole new fan base.

  10. 59. Janet  

    Aw that’s too bad and somewhat surprising. Has NBC already forgotten Frasier? I thought we would be having Dwight Schrute for another 9 years!

  11. 58. Jessie  

    I feel bad for Rainn and Paul that The Farm isn’t going to happen now, but selfishly, I’m so happy that Dwight will now stay in the show until the end – as he should be! I wonder if this now means there’s hope for Dwangela…

  12. 57. Sea Jay Is C.J.  

    Somebody start a petition for The Farm!! It can’t end. They should at least do one season and give it a shot.

  13. 56. Nick  

    Every farm needs an office.

  14. 55. David Martinez  

    Season 9 will be the last seaon for The Office from what I’ve read in a few articles but I thought it would be neat if maybe some episodes from “The Farm” could have something to do with “The Office” after all doesn’t Schrute Farms need paper as well? Plus I hope that we get a heavy dose of cameos from the cast of The Office seeing how Dwight’s farm is so near to Dunder Mifflin….anyways thanks for all the laughs guys it was a nice run!

  15. 54. Enkounter Ekambaram  

    What about Mannheim and other Dwight’s relatives from Argentina? can we expect to see them in the ‘FARM’?

  16. 53. little mose  

    I have no problems with a spin off, as long as Dwight appears in all 22 episodes of the last season! Do you imagine the last ep of season 9 without him??? I want him to stay with the rest of the office workers until the end!!

  17. 52. Jim  

    Dwight works on two levels – he’s one of the best characters on TV ever, thanks to Rainn’s talent, but the character works because a wildly overzealous beet farmer in an office setting is hilarious.

    So we keep the former and lose the latter with this move. You’ve still got genius Rainn, but you lose the appeal of context.

    Mose, same thing. Hilarious character because of the small doses of him.

    Could work, can predict lots of guest appearances.

  18. 51. sean  

    i agree with #14. they should focus on getting people like michael back before spinning off

  19. 50. Dan  


    Right. Because all potential spinoffs should be judged by that singular example. Never mind the wildly successful NBC shows like Law & Order SVU, Frasier, A Different World, The Facts of Life, Adam 12, etc… all spin-offs.

    All networks have a low success rate when it comes to spin-offs, but that doesn’t mean you should stop trying when given an opportunity. For every ten “Baywatch Nights,” There’s a “Laverne and Shirley” waiting to happen.

  20. 49. Andy  

    Cheers and Frasier did it (personally liked Frasier more). All in the Family and the Jeffersons did it. Diffrent Strokes and the Facts of Life did it. The Cosby Show and A Different World did it.

    It’s possible for a spin-off to be successful AND good.

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