1. ed helms is an incredibly strong addition to the cast…….Great hire for the Office. Cant wait to see where the story is going. I usually dont like looking forward to season finales because that means 2 or 3 months of no new episodes, but I cant wait for the season finale for the Office, its gonna be sooo good

  2. Have to be honest, not really that thrilled. Ed Helms is so good in the part, I think that the character of “Andy” has worn out it’s welcome. I don’t really enjoy seeing him anymore. I’m part of the Dwight fan club though, so what do I know.

  3. I’m glad he’s on the show as a regular now. He is one of the reasons the show is doing so well. Every season has to have something new to it to keep people interested and Ed Helms was a part of that.

  4. Okay, this makes what he said in the MeeVee interview a bit confusing.

    “When is he going to get his ass kicked?
    Let’s just say, karma does not elude Andy.”

    Okay, so, he’s not fired, but something bad happens to him. Very excited to see how this plays.

    What about Rashida Jones? I suppose she’s just a catalyst for the Jim/Pam relationship, so her days might be numbered.

  5. That’s cool, I love Ed Helms and I know there are going to be some changes for his character coming up so it will be interesting to see how it all works out. Kind of off topic, but it would be nice to see them change the opening of the show and show more of the characters, anybody know what I mean? During the theme song I mean, blah its past midnight, sorry about the rambling lol

  6. I’m happy Ed is joining as a regular. I’m just wondering why they don’t make Creed a regular. I know he’s not on as much as others but when he is its pure comedic gold.

  7. That’s something I’ve been saying since the first time I saw Creed go into one of his “Creeds” as I like to call them. He of all people should be a regular.

    3:30am…god I hate the internet…

  8. adriana: didn’t paul say that an animal attacked someone? i wonder if andy’s the one who gets attacked. unless he was kidding about that.

    ed helms was back on the daily show though, i thought…he did a segment on it a month back or so.

    i love him to death but i’m not entirely sure how i feel about this. interested to see how it plays out.

  9. We definitely need more Andy and that high, sexy falsetto voice. “You know I can, my man.”

    Just thinking about it cracks me up!

    Love Andy!

  10. I agree with everyone who would like to see Creed become more prominent…he’s divine.
    But, alas, “The Office” is a lot like my office, where shlumps go zipping right up the corporate ladder and the lovely people get canned.
    Fact is, in real life, the seriously annoying people have a way of maximizing their shelf life.
    If the Karen character became a regular, I would not be pleased.

  11. Good news. Like others here I’m hopeful he doesn’t crowd out others in screentime but aside from that he’s a great addition. In my dreams this will help the show get an okay to become longer than half an hour.

    Rashida would be a great addition too, but if she is kept on Karen would need to be given more quirks and personality. Right now she’s just “the woman who likes Jim.”

  12. Hmmm… I have mixed feelings. A month or so ago, this would have made me ecstatic, but now I feel I’ve had my full of Andy, and not just because they turned him into a psycho ass. I’m sure the writers are capable of bringing back my enjoyment of the character, but I’m still worried that he’s served his purpose and is going to take away too much screen time from the others, particularly background characters like Meredith and Creed who are snubbed enough already.

  13. I totally agree with “b”. While I do like the Andy character, he is in effect is smothering the characters. Meredith and Creed are getting little airtime, when since they are some of the originals (and very funny) they deserve more. The producers need to know that while Andy is great, people are accustomed to certain characters, and they can’t just push them away for the latest funny thing. Creed is such a unique character that no other show has, or has ever had. Furthermore, I would be very displeased if Karen became a regular. It is the writers job to create more obstacles for JAM (they are very much like Ross and Rachel) so they can’t keep coming back to Karen, which, if she becomes a regular, will probably happen.

  14. Ed is the PERFECT irritant for The Office. I love watching Jim mess with Andy. Makes me wonder if he ever finds his phone. We know Andy’s in “Management Training” right now, which makes me laugh. I wonder if they’ll show any of it. I especially like the spin Andy put on it.

    Anyway, the show gets better and better all the time. According to Kevin’s blog, “As a whole, the next 4 “episodes” of our little show, may be the best 4 episodes as a whole arc that we have ever had.”


    I like Rashida Jones, but I don’t want Karen to stick around TOO long. Of course, Creed is listed as a “guest star”, so who knows how long she’ll be there?

  15. Also… “if she is kept on Karen would need to be given more quirks and personality”. I agree. She hasn’t got much of a personality. She’s dedicated and focused and professional, but that’s not that entertaining.

    By the way… what do Creed and Meredith do? They’re not sales, right? They can’t be accounting because they weren’t featured in the webisodes about the accountants. I was just wondering, really.

  16. I doubt he will have as big a part of episodes on a week to week basis as he did in recent episodes. I expect him to have about the level of screentime as Jan.

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