1. Angela WOULD spontaneously produce the world’s most boring Mad Lib. And with Dwight’s talking head? That scene was perfect.

  2. #1: Not only did Angela produce the world’s most boring Mad Lib, she thought it was funny!

  3. I think Mr. Helms’ story just beat everyone else’s…though it comes pretty close to John’s lawn dart story :-P

  4. HAHAH Ed Helm’s Al Gore was perfect.

    and Angela’s mad lib was great! Haha “a man eating cat food.” Can’t wait for tonight!

  5. Ed Helms is too awesome! He was the second guest, meaning his segment was shorter and it he managed to make me laugh the entire time. What a great guy!!

  6. His character was a great addition to a cast I didn’t think needed one….He’s such a talented comedic actor.

    BTW….Andy Bernard seems to be the front runner for the spin-off

  7. a) Ed Helms is totally awesome.

    b) I can’t WAIT for tonight’s episode. BJ definitely writes the best “classic” episodes of The Office, and just hearing that perfectly normal and mundane Mad Lib gives me great faith for tonight’s episode.

  8. There appears to be confusion now. I don’t think BJ wrote this episode, but Kate claims he did in her blog. Who’s right?

    Oh. Ed = hilarious. That clip was amazing.

  9. I’m looking for the Daily Show segment where he passes out at the spin room on their Website, if anyone finds it post it.

  10. I laughed for like 2 minutes straight at that clip after Dwight’s talking head! HILARIOUS!

    I can’t wait one bit more for tonight’s episode. It’s going to be awesome!

  11. Ed Helms.. I love you! And Dwight’s talking head… Dawesome! Yay it’s Thursday everybody!! Whoowhoo.

  12. Loved the Al Gore bit.

    That clip is hilarious! It’s actually nice to see Angela smile, if only for a moment. Can’t wait for tonight!

  13. Tanster – You deserve mad mad props for all the hard work you put into officetally.com. It truly is the best fansite out there. From all the interviews, clips and spoilers to the new Q&As with the writes, this is the perfect site for fans.

    I LOVE the writers Q&As! Please let them all know how grateful the fans are for their willingness to answer questions. They provide unbelievable access to their fans. What an awesome crew!

    Thanks again Tanster!

    [from tanster: you’re welcome, megan! i love the Q&As too. the writers are AWESOME for doing it. hope i can keep this up! (that’s what she said.)]

  14. Did anyone else laugh at his comments about people who go to conventions for anything are always the nerdiest? Meaning, anyone else who was at the Scranton convention last fall haha?

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