1. i think that’s andy, and to me, it seems that he’s the cowardly lion…which makes sense: “i’m a really good screamer…”

    and i was wondering if the office was gonna throw in a dark knight reference…i’m just surprised that it’s not dwight in the joker costume. haha

  2. LOVE Creed’s costume! Dwight as a Thundercat ROCKS! Oscar as Uncle Sam, Meredith as a Cheerleader and I noticed Kelly in the background with a blonde wig…and of course, we can’t forget DAVE! :D

  3. Hahaha I love Jim incredibly understated “costumes.” Three hole punch version of himself and now a “Hello my name is” sticker. Awesome. =)

  4. Not sure why my first comment didn’t get posted but WHOMever is right! I totally thought that was Dwight as the Thundercat, but now that I listen to it, it is definitely Andy. Cat costume = major points in Angela’s book. I can’t wait!

  5. Costumes seen in the commercial:
    Creed as the Joker.
    Oscar as Uncle Sam.
    Meredith as a cheerleader.
    Jim as Dave (I don’t get the reference; 2001:ASO comes to mind for some reason.).
    Andy as a ThunderCat (Lion-O?).

    I don’t think we have to guess who the employee being transferred is; but it wouldn’t surprise me if a switcheroo is pulled.

  6. Wow, wow, wow!!!! The Dark Knight was creepy enough, and now I’m going to have nightmares of Creed… So disturbing, and yet so absolutely perfect!!! Creed is the perfect Joker! Brilliant!!!

  7. Yeah I think Andy a cat from the musical, not a Thundercat. His costume looks exactly like the ones we used at our high school production of Cats!

    And Creed as Joker … wow. I can already tell the episode’s going to rock just from that! :D

  8. okay…

    dwight as a thundercat = awesome.

    ANDY as a cat = unexplainable levels of awesomeness

    andy as a cat because angela told him to = I just died of happiness.

  9. Zac, I don’t think there’s a reference…I think Jim’s just going as a guy named Dave. Another minimalist costume, like Three-Hole Punch Jim.

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