‘Frame Toby’ producer’s cut

UPDATE: It’s here! It’s here! (Available until Jan. 23)

From press release:

NBC’s Emmy-winning comedy “The Office” will offer fans an exclusive “producer’s cut” of the November 20th episode. On Tuesday, November 25th, users can log onto NBC.com to stream the expanded episode, which will include additional scenes and extra footage not shown in the broadcast version.


  1. And it’s The Office for the win! Super cool stuff and will make the wait for The Surplus all the easier.

  2. I wasn’t sure at first if I would like this, but the idea is growing on me. We can get to see all the deleted scenes incorporated into the episode where they should be, not guessing where or how they would fit. I’m interested to see where this may lead…

  3. This may be a silly question, but when they say “users can log in,” do they mean you have to register on the site (create an account) or just simply go to the NBC.com and follow the link?

  4. I like this idea, this is basically what they did with “Traveling Salesman/The Return” from Season 3 to keep people interested during like a 3-4 week break. I thought it flowed well there and it should work out again.

    Are they expecting to make this an hour long episode or just a “super-sized” 40 minute episode?

  5. This is such a great idea. The producer’s cut of “The Return” is one of my favorite things on my iPod. I always forget that all of it isn’t in the actual episode. Can’t wait to see all of this one.

  6. I LOVE this idea!!! You know, this has often been done for movies/DVD’s and such, but it’s really an untapped market for television. Leave it to The Office to be the trailblazers- I’m predicting that this will really take off- not just for The Office, but that other shows will be following suit in the coming years. Especially if you have to go to NBC.com- it’s just more money for them from advertisers. I really hope they offer it on iTunes as well.
    The artistic vision of the producers is preserved, NBC gets their beloved money, and we the fans get to see it!!! Smells like a “win-win-win” to me…

  7. BRILLIANT IDEA! Kind of makes up for NBC not giving us as many supersized Office episodes this year.
    Now if only they let us here in Canada watch online content :(

  8. This sounds like such a great idea, but would be even greater if us Canadians could watch it too!

  9. Does this mean international viewers can not view it?!
    Since NBC has blocked most of their videos.

  10. I love when they do this. Maybe there will be an actual story with the whole microwave thing, instead of just mere mention! I understand it was the B story. But seriously, most underdeveloped plot line ever.

  11. oh great…l’m gonna have to hack my laptop with some program to avoid the restrictions, l hate that. It’s always a mess with nbc.com, hope it’s on Hulu too.

    [Tanster: l thought you already had some kind of promotion deal with nbc, l can’t believe the ads post, you’re so professional, OT is their best marketing tool imo.]

  12. I really like this idea. As Stefanie (#3) suggested, it would be nice to watch all the episodes, not just this one, with the deleted/extra scenes in their proper place, rather than — as on the DVDs — having to watch the episode as it aired then watch a chunk of out-of-context (albeit very funny) deleted scenes. I’ve often had this thought while watching DVDs.

    I’m sure that technologically it could be done. I envision a DVD menu where you could click “watch aired version” or “watch producer’s cut” (or something).

    Hmm, how could we get word to the producers and NBC that this is something fans would like to see for the Season 5 DVD? Tanster? :-)

    [from tanster: i’ll email greg daniels. ;) ]

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