1. Toby!!! I’m still kinda miffed at you for being UBER creepy but that’s ok, I missed you!

    (Oh and “was that my daughter?!” hahahaha…not Office, sorry I know..still funny :p)

  2. I love Toby!!!
    Hopefully he’ll bring that classic office feel back that i think was missing from the first 7 episodes

  3. Toby better not pull any funny business with Pam! I thought the second promo was great…it’s almost like “Michael, tell us how you really feel.”

  4. Ah, Mr. Flenderson. He must miss his daughter, Michael, Jim, Pam, Oscar, Pam, Meredith, Pam, Creed, Pam, oh, and duh, Pam.
    What’s the next episode?

  5. Aaahhh! I missed Toby. I will always love Holly and she must return to Scranton and Michael’s arms someday, but Toby brings out something special in Michael – they call it vitriol! Welcome back Toby.

    Oh and #3 – Stacey – totally agree with the ‘was that my daughter?’ statement – comedy gold.

  6. I love Toby! I don’t really understand how people can find him creepy…I just found him kinda goofy. I mean, who can blame him for loving Pam?

  7. That second promo is what NBC Office promos should be like! No cheesy music, no overdramatization of storylines, no… extended tornado metaphors.
    This episode looks great!

  8. Toby! i missed you!!!
    Michael is hilarious! “NO! NO! NO!”

    aww toby will be sad when he finds out about Jim and Pam

  9. I have to agree with Michael on this one. I don’t want Toby to come back. He’ll probably be all creepy towards Pam.

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