Friday Office goodies

Oh heck. Only got halfway through ‘Fun Run’ quotes and it’s already 1:30am. I will do the rest after a little late night nap. :)

In the meantime, check out these tidbits:

  • ‘Fun Run’ merchandise — support the rabid with bracelets and t-shirts! And remember, you’ll automatically get 5% off as an OfficeTally reader by clicking the link! (Discount applied after you enter a shipping address)
  • Check out the hilarious premiere night blog headed by Executive Producer Greg Daniels (warning: does include info on future episodes)
  • New blogs from Dwight and Creed

Okay. Need sleep. Back later.


  1. I am in france with a mac. Does anyone know if I can do anything to be able to watch the full episode at

  2. #2, I have the same problem. I’m from Israel and it says the clips aren’t available from my location.
    That’s totally unfair!

  3. It says the clip i have selected is not available from my location.
    I’m sobbing!!!
    I want to watch season 4

  4. I think it is not possible to view them outside the United States, bc Im in Switzerland and are not able to watch them…

  5. lilibelle: I am in Germany and am having a similar problem. I have a PC, though, and IE is the only browser that will load the player. It then will ask me to pick an episode to play, but there are none listed. I’m wondering if NBC is limiting the player to the US… :(

  6. I am in Kosovo with a Mac. I also want to know if there is anything to be done to watch the full episode at

  7. Hi Lilibelle (or should I say Salut?) – I can access with my Mac but I don’t know if it would be different in France. I always watch the videos just fine, but then when I close the window, Safari shuts down. The problem seems to have stopped but that’s here in the U.S. Bon chance!

    I am SO excited about the Support the Rabid bracelets. I was thinking how so many quotes from last night are going to show up on items at, and that was one of them. Yippee!

  8. This season not being able to watch the deleted scenes won’t bother me! It was exciting to watch them all from last year when I got my season three DVD’s.

  9. And guess what? The episode won’t work outside the US. I’m going to go cry in the corner now. I’m hungry – I want my Jam!

  10. im in italy abroad right now and i have the same problem! help! when does the episode become available on itunes? is it posted on any site online yet?

  11. lilibelle, I’m on a Mac and I was able to watch the full episode on the NBC website … which is a treat considering I thought they’d only be PC-friendly online episodes. I hope it works for you, too. Bonne chance!

  12. it says that because of my location, I can’t watch the episode online or the deleted scene, however I can watch every other office video on the same site. how does that work out? By the way I’m in Ontario, Canada. I’m really not that far. :/

  13. I thought we’d actually be able to download the episode on NBC, and be able to watch it for a week until the download expired. But I guess I misunderstood because you can watch it, but it buffers horribly. Anyone have any luck with it?

  14. Call me crazy but I set my alarm for 2am to rewatch…only to relize that it posts at 5am (EST)! So I watched it at 5am…Okay, I’m crazy…

  15. Want my ITUNES back!!!! the player on NBC.COM is terrible, would think one of the biggest companies in the world would be able to develop something that works better.

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