Friday’s ‘Ellen’ may be TiVo-worthy

I got an email yesterday from a very excited OT reader named Shannon:

I thought I’d give you (and all the fans of “The Office”) an update on a commercial I saw for “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” I saw a commercial late last night for segments coming up this week, and up came a clip of John Cryer, Heidi Klum, and low and behold, our beloved John Krasinski!!!

Anyway, it was a clip of each of them singing, but there was no sound of them; just the announcer’s voice. I looked on Ellen’s website, and it lists Friday as “Ellen’s Karaoke Show”, and lists Heidi and John Cryer, and “some surprise performances.” (Why they didn’t list John Krasinski, I have no idea!) But, he will definitely be singing. And who doesn’t love John Krasinski singing??? “Love me, love me …”

Thanks, Shannon, for the heads-up!

Update: Here is a preview of Friday’s show — that is definitely John singing at the beginning!