1. Jesus you can tell Jenna has been working out she looks fantastic steve and nancy look pretty amazing to as allways

  2. WOW! That might be one of my favorite Jenna dresses of all time. She looked gorgeous. What a great color on her.

  3. They look so great! How pretty is Steve’s wife, Nancy/Carol? And of course, Jenna looks stunning as always. Thank you for posting!

  4. Jenna could wear a burlap sack and still kick it. Never noticed before tho that she and Steve have pretty much the same shade of green eyes….

  5. I’m warming up to the Jenna’s dress. I’ve never been a fan of the ‘bubble’ dresses/skirts. It’s a beautiful color. I will say that. Hair and makeup, flawless. I think what throws me off from picture #6 is her pose. It looks very awkward.
    How beautiful is Nancy? Barely any makeup and she looks amazing. Steve is looking pretty nice too.

  6. Nancy looks fabulous. So gorgeous! I agree with the poster who didn’t love Jenna’s shoes, and I’m also so-so on her dress, but she of course still looks lovely. I am really hoping this movie gets good reviews.

  7. Did Jenna dress herself again? Those bubble skirts never looked good on anyone in the 80’s and they sure don’t look good on anyone now!

    And Nancy looks gorgeous!

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