Golden Globe Awards 2009

Golden Globe AwardsA reminder to watch the Golden Globe Awards tonight on NBC! The Office is nominated for two awards:

Best TV Series, Comedy or Musical: The Office
Best TV Actor, Comedy or Musical: Steve Carell

Watch the show tonight, and then come back here for award results, photos, and a chance to win the official Golden Globes poster! (As always, if you have a tip, post a comment with a link!)

Links: Golden Globes on NBC

POSTER GIVEAWAY: Post a comment about tonight’s event for a chance to win a Golden Globe poster (shown above) courtesy of NBC! Valid email required, U.S. entrants only, timestamped 5pm-11:59pm PT only. Three entries will be randomly chosen.

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  1. The Globes are the worst of the major award shows due to the small number of voters in the Hollywood Foreign Press. I bet the celebs love the show though because of the free-flowing alcohol during the ceremony.

  2. Yay, I’m excited to watch! And I love reading Jenna’s blogs, I’m sure her dress will be beautiful

  3. I don’t know if this will go up online anywhere, but on the red carpet show, E! just ran a cute little package of clips from this year’s nominees mixed in with TWSS clips from “The Office.” Very funny!

  4. I just saw Jenna Fischer, Kate Flannery, Angela Kinsey and Mindy Kaling on E! and they look amazing! I don’t know what Jenna was worried about on her blog! I love her dress! Everyone just looks great! I hope they get a golden globe! Fingers crossed!

  5. Meaghan, at times like this, I REALLY wish I wasn’t a broke college student with no cable. I really hope they post it up :)

  6. Dang! I didn’t know it was on E! I’ve been watching NBC the whole time. I saw Rainn and Steve’s interview but I didn’t see the others interview.

  7. I am now watching E! At the last 2 minutes of it. I can’t believe I missed these interviews. And I’m loving these constant updates. Thanks for this! I have a feeling I will be commenting a lot.

  8. Okay – that interview on E! with John and Ed was adorable. Everybody looks amazing, as usual! I hope they are having a great time! :)

  9. Everyone looks great but they still look real. I love this cast! When will we know if Steve or the show won?

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