1. I think the best line is Oscar: “I think men bone women, I think that I’m correct in that”. I would have liked some more time with everyone else at the office – I miss them when they’re not around as much!

  2. Michael’s eye peeking out of the bathroom was classic! I love seeing the everyday interactions among the staff – just sitting around having lunch while talking about the latest Michael’s antics.

  3. Ha! Loved when Meredith suggested that a hot girl might replace Dwight if he was fired and Kelly’s concerned “Oh my god I had not thought of that.” Love Kelly.

  4. Hahaha! Even this clip was brilliant! Truthfully, I was a tad sick of sympathetic Michael.

  5. Wow they should have kept the second part in, sure they could have trimmed some stuff and squeezed it in.

  6. I love Kelly’s line about replacing Dwight with a hot guy and Oscar agreeing! This deleted scene was awesome!

  7. #8. Dan – “they could have trimmed some stuff and squeezed it in.”

    That’s what she said!

    Okay, on topic, that was one of the best deleted scenes ever!

  8. #12 and #15, you’re not alone. i love it when jim is called james for some odd reason. lol.

    this scene is hilarious! they should’ve kept it in.

  9. I also love it when Michael calls Jim “James.”

    I think it brings me back to that (Season 3?) gag reel footage when you can see how hard Steve tries to make John break. He’s just ruthless…and I love that these comedians are so talented and continue to challenge each other to be funnier.

  10. The talking head with Jim and Pam feels improv’ed, and it is hilarious. I love how Jim/John can’t keep a straight face as he moves off camera.

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