1. I had no idea until I saw Angela and Jenna’s posts on MySpace tonight. Haven’t been this excited about a show hopefully winning since “Twin Peaks.”

    Did you make a cake? lol

  2. It would be cool to see a sweep. I am really pulling for Jenna to grab that award…she just outstanding this year.

  3. I can’t wait! I hope they win all, but if there was only ONE win allowed, I hope its Jenna.

    I am going to suffer through the impossibly long awards show just for The Office.

  4. I want that cake.

    I am not predicting a sweep but for The Office to do reasonably well.

    It’s not being a traitor if I want Gervais and Merchant to sweep their categories is it?

  5. I almost never miss the Emmys but this year I cant watch it! Believe me, I’ll be sitting (and praying) at my desk hitting refresh on the IMDB all night long. The Office deserves every award it’s up for.

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