1. so it’s an extended episode of the 53 minute version, but why the hours gap between part 1 and part 2?

  2. Even though the timeslot was 52 minutes, the episode without commercials only ran just 36 minutes. If they did 2 half hours with commercials, it would be 44 minutes long without commercials (or about 22 minutes per episode). This would increase the episode by about 7-8 minutes! I’ll be watching. I love the producer’s cuts of the Office and Parks & Rec!

    [from tanster: that was my calculation, too! hoping for new footage…]

  3. 1. YES!!!! What a great birthday gift!
    2. YES!!!! Please include Wallace!!!
    3. Why the hour in between them?
    4. Have they done this before?

  4. Oh, and 5! Will Office Tally be running a poll for this? I REALLY want to see a version of Goodbye, Michael on top!

  5. YAY! I love me some David Wallace! Here’s hoping.

    I totally agree #7, Goodbye, Michael is the best episode of the season, it should be number one!

  6. Was just saying to someone at work today how sad I was that I wouldn’t have a new Office episode to watch this week – yay! Not completely new, but definitely something to look forward to – bring on the wine and cheezies!

  7. I hope, if I ever watch this episode in its very extended version, that David Wallace is included. Let’s see.

  8. Maybe this explains why NBC never showed any deleted scene clips after the episode aired. I found it very strange. Bring on David Wallace please!

  9. I just wonder why they didn’t air it in this more fitting 1-hour slot the first time they showed it.

  10. 5 mins of David Wallace would make Michael’s departure a little bit easier to take.

  11. All this talk about David Wallace brings me back to watching Bridesmaids. The entire time seemed like a scavenger hunt to find Office favorites. I smiled when I saw Hank, Carol, Concierge Marie, Erin, and of course, David Wallace!

  12. hahahah david wallace ftw!!

    “Yeah, and I ‘left’ to spend more time with my kids” (: hahaha that just made the entire episode

  13. Pay close attention somewhere between the 15-20 min mark of the first half hour! It’s exactly who we’ve been waiting for :)

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