Got a ‘Crime Aid’ question?

Woo! We get a Writer Q&A this week!

I am so excited that one of the newest writers on The Office team, Charlie Grandy, has agreed to answer fan questions about this week’s episode, ‘Crime Aid’!

Please post your question in a comment below by Saturday, October 25th, 11pm PT. :)


  1. Is David Wallace kind of perplexed that Michael can’t seem to keep it in his pants when it comes to ladies in the office?

  2. Hello Charly, loved the episode!
    How do you feel being a new writer of this 5 season old show? Is the challenge bigger (that’s what she said) when you write for a new series or an older one?

  3. Recall from Jan’s lawsuit that you have to register with corporate if you’re going to be a couple. I guess Holly and Michael didn’t register and now it’s going to be a problem.

    I don’t have any questions, since I like to be kept in suspense. But I do think Dwight’s sad faces are priceless.

  4. Did you write a scenario where Jim really did go to NYC just to see if it clicked, or were you always intent on bringing him back to Scranton?

  5. Really great job! I especially like the Holly/Michael exchange about not being able to go out with each other because they were busy going out with each other. Something about Holly mirroring Michael’s dorky-obnoxiousness makes it less obnoxious, but just as funny. How do you do that?

    Very nice, unexpected “that’s what she said” about the squeaky gavel.

    Was it written or improvised how Michael lost himself (8 mile reference) in the flow of auctioneering?

    Are you responsible for breaking up Darryl and Kelly? And if so, is it because you want us to think that Kelly and Ryan might get back together?

  6. l can’t watch any deleted scene (maybe it’s been shot)

    Why didn’t we see/Are we going to see Wallace realizing Mickael hired back Ryan?

  7. Charlie- GREAT episode. Favorite of the season, possibly the last 2. Was Roy invited by Darryl to the bar? Or was it a coincidence that he was there?

    Also is there any way to pass the message along to Jen that the directing was FANTASTIC? The combination of that and the writing of this episode really made it feel almost like a season 2 episode in its greatness. Seriously, great writing. Did not go for the obvious jokes went for the subtle and the awkward. AWESOME!

  8. I love the things like “Stuff Angela introduced to Dwight” and “Music Michael mistakes for Bruce Springsteen.”

    Did you have any other ideas for these things up your sleeve which didn’t make it to the episode?

  9. Something seems to be off. Why did you choose to have Dwight not be as diligent as he usually is in past episodes? It seems out of character for Dwight even with the Angela factor.

  10. What is the justification for the documentary crew’s following Pam to New York? The travel and lodging expenses seem disproportionate to even the highest expectations they could have had for the footage they would get out of following her there. Do they follow her to every class and then to her room in the dorms? And why did they go to the laundrymat last episode? They’ve never followed anyone in Scranton around in lives outside work (besides multi-employee gatherings)- it seems to be quite a break from the established style and a stretch on what Pam would allow them to follow her to.

  11. What made you decide to have Jim turn around? I think it was a good decision (for Jim) but I’m VERY ready to see some Jim/Pam interaction…I was actually getting excited that they would FINALLY see each other!! When will they see each other again??

  12. Why wasn’t the issue with Ryan working at Dunder Mifflin as “the temp” again addressed when David Wallace made an appearance? Or will that come later on? I was under the impression that corporate didn’t know about Ryan returning to Scranton.

  13. When we saw the black and white camera in the elevator–was that supposed to mean that the camera crew installed hidden cameras after they had been locked out by Holly?

  14. Please assure me that Jim wasn’t driving drunk? I can’t be the only one who thought he was going to get a DUI after that crazy U-turn.

  15. Did you come up with the “that’s what she said” line or was it a group effort? That by far might have been the best one to date!

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