1. How was it working with Stephen Merchant? Did it make you nervous knowing that he was going to direct your episode?

  2. Awesomeness -top 5 worthy! This episode was amazing, except for one tiny thing. Why didn’t Kelly shout out that she was pregnant vs. saying that she got raped? Wouldn’t that have been a more consistent alternative?

  3. Hey, Lester! Thanks for doing a Q & A for us. I really enjoyed the episode. I love the Jim/Dwight dynamic.

    The conference room telephone scene between Michael, Dwight, and Jim was pure gold. Knowing how Steve, Rainn, and John like to break during threesome scenes, how many takes did that take and was there more to that scene? :)

    PS: Who came up with Bill Buttlicker?

  4. First of all, awesome episode!

    Because I’m a freak for the little details, I was wondering who did the voices of Michael’s mom and the client that Dwight was on the phone with. Were they actors, or special guests from behind-the-scenes (a la the previous cameos from Greg Daniels, Justin Spitzer, Gene and Lee, etc.)?

  5. Was it difficult/confusing to write/film/act/shoot the bluetooth scenes? I loved them but I got confused a couple times trying to keep up with Jim talking to both Pam and someone else.

  6. What is the name of the bluetooth that jim and pam was using?

    all i heard was something b400 japan


  7. I loved the storyline of literally having Pam in Jim’s head! How did this idea come about? Was it difficult to film scenes with all the dialogue/was it all scripted?

  8. Great episode!

    Who thought of the scene in the parking lot where Jim gets into Dwight’s car to go 20 feet? So funny!

    Who thought of Kelly saying she was raped? Pretty edgy.

    Also, good twist – since Ryan is keeping a list of people he does not trust, I figured it was Ryan changing the client reviews.

  9. When Dwight sneaks up on Kelly in her nook there is a camera already placed there to film the action. However, there were already two cameras filming his conversation with Jim before he leapt from his seat to confront her. Did he tell one of the crew to get into position, or was a third cameraman chilling with Kelly at a most convenient time?

    Yes, this is the stuff I think about.

  10. One more question. When Angela was describing the farm where she wanted to get married, was she thinking about Schrute Farms?

  11. Could you explain where we are in the timeline? If Pam’s program was only three months long, and we know she’s still in that same program based on her conversation with Alex in your episode, this episode obviously can’t be based in November. But, last week, Pam was at corporate for Halloween, which also should be beyond Pam’s three month stay in NYC. Are the writers deliberately making the timeline inscrutable?

    Congrats on this episode. It was really great.

  12. I absolutely loved this episode. It moved like an action drama a la’ 24 except scaled down to fit in a business park. So which came first the script or the director?

  13. Loved the episode!

    Did Michael really tell people that he was engaged, or did he just answer people’s questions about the trip in a vague, misleading way because he didn’t want to admit that he and Holly had broken up?

  14. I’m curious why the writers kept Pam silent during her art school friend’s rant about staying in NY. Since we’re seeing a more bold & confident Pam, why didn’t she speak up?

  15. Great episode! Who came up with the “that’s what she said” line for this episode, it was one of the funniest ones so far.

    Also how hard was it to get John and Rainn to keep straight faces during their scenes together, especially since John kept making asides to Pam? Their dynamic was amazing in this episode.

  16. First off, Hillarious episode, I loved it.

    What was the inspiration behind having Kelly make the mugs? They were my favorite part!

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