Got a ‘Goodbye, Toby’ question for Jen?

I am so psyched that our final Q&A of the season is with The Office’s co-executive producer and writer, Jen Celotta!

Do you have a question for Jen about last night’s episode, ‘Goodbye, Toby’? Jen co-wrote the episode with Paul Lieberstein.

Submit your question here.

This post will close at 6pm Pacific Time tonight, so get your questions in today!

Remember, non-spoilerish questions about ‘Goodbye, Toby’ only. Thanks!

P.S. Check if your question was answered last night in Paul Lieberstein’s live blog!


  1. Did Andy have the proposal planned?? Or was it just a coincidence that his parents were at Toby’s going away party? (Thought that was hilarious by the way haha)

  2. Why did Angela say ‘okay’ to Andy? She never really seemed that engaged in the relationship, and even Andy seemed on the ropes in ‘Night Out’.

    What program will Pam be going into at Pratt?

  3. First let me say, I loved this episode! My question is this: Do ya’ll “argue” over who gets to write for Creed? Holy crap! His lines kill me every single time! Kudos to whoever came up with his lines this episode. Awesome!

  4. Jen, Great episode! I actually have two questions:
    1) Was Mike Schur pulling double-duty in the episode as Mose and the security guard escorting Ryan out? It sure looked a lot like him!
    2) The Dwangela moment at the end was obviously the infidelity hinted at in the spoilers but was that the first time it happened or just the first time they got caught?

  5. Excellent episode overall–I really loved it–but why did you have to break my heart? I am still feeling blue. To get so very close to a JAM proposal and then take it away was just mean.

  6. Hi Jen,
    Thanks for the solid episode. My question…did Jim turn Ryan in to the authorities as an act of revenge? If not, how did Ryan get caught?

  7. The Michael/Holly dynamic is terrific. They’re actually cute together. It’s like the show has been reincarnated with Michael and Holly as the new Jim and Pam (does that make Kevin Roy? Yikes). Is there any comment you can make on them?

    (Toby’s exit interview scene was pure genius. Michael’s hatred versus his infatuation. Just brilliant. I just loved every second of it. )

  8. The YouTube video with Ryan – was that actually hosted on YouTube prior to the airdate of the episode, or was it just a computer mockup?

  9. Was it really hot the day you filmed the outdoor party scenes? Everyone looked really sweaty.

    Michael’s singing and dancing was hilarious. How many takes did Steve do, and was everyone else cracking up?

  10. feel free to answer some, none, or all of these:

    We only saw two dwight pranks (“special” kevin and the raccoon). were more filmed?

    Wasn’t jim and pam’s first kiss at chili’s ??

    Are b.j. and paul both leaving the writing staff?

  11. How many takes of Jim’s “I’m going to propose tonight” did ya’ll do? He seems so genuinely excited and shocked that it’s going to happen — at least he THINKS SO!! :)

  12. Hey Jen! Loved it. As far as the proposal goes, were there any other incidents you guys were considering to prevent Jim from proposing? I silently was hoping for Roy to show up. Thanks and enjoy your summer!

  13. Last night was amazing!
    Were there alternative questions in the Toby exit interview that you can share? We have such great lines from Michael/Toby interactions, I will miss them. “I hate so much about the things you choose to be.” Who will fill the void for Michael’s hatred?

  14. Jim told Michael that his first kiss with Pam was at the office. Didn’t Jim and Pam first kiss a Chili’s or is there another kiss we don’t know about?

  15. So, what was your reasoning on holding off on Jim’s proposal? Do you think Jim/Pam need to experience some things before they get engaged?

  16. First, I want to say — the “Kevin is slow” sideplot was one of the funniest you have ever done. And I love that DWIGHT came up with that — a halfway decent prank! Love it!

    Beyond this, can someone please explain the “Jan goes to a sperm bank” timeline or even how it’s possible? Wasn’t she drinking heavily at that time? And isn’t she completely flat broke?

  17. My question is about the YouTube video as well. How did Jim know about it to look it up and show everyone? He saw the video AFTER he left the vm for Ryan – I dunno. If you can expand on the “in between” time, I would appreciate it.

    btw – glad you held off on the Jam proposal – I’m not ready for that yet :)

  18. Is this the way you always envisioned season 4 ending or did it change because of the writer’s strike?

  19. Holly’s character is so interesting. I hope we see more of her next season.

    Can you talk about how you developed her character as someone who really “gets” Michael… and yet is so normal?

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