Got a ‘Job Fair’ question for Lee and Gene?

Lee and Gene have very generously agreed to a second round of questions! (Read their previous Q&A here.) Thanks again, Lee and Gene!

Do you have a question for writers Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky about last night’s episode, ‘Job Fair’?

Submit your question here.

This post will close at 9pm Pacific Time tonight, so get your questions in today!

Remember, non-spoilerish questions about ‘Job Fair’ only. Thanks!


  1. Why did Stanley leave at the first opportunity when he works on commission and has private school to pay for?

  2. I felt sorry for the kid who played Justin. Is there some sort of therapy which guest actors go through after being on the show in order to recover their self esteem?

  3. Brian looked like a pro during the golf scenes. We all know that he has some mad basketball skills. Is this the case with golf as well?

  4. Who wrote the AMAZING line “Kiss her. Kiss her good.”? My biggest laugh out loud moment all season long.

  5. How could Pam have made that animation in ‘Local Ad’ if she didn’t know any of those design programs? It is like the slip where Meredith’s birthday is either after a month of no birthdays or at the end of ‘Birthday Month,’ depending on if you are in season 1 or 4. Otherwise, it was an awesome show!

  6. Hmm, a Gene and Lee episode that references Pam’s hotness. Shocking. ;) I took the Dwight and Angela interaction, or lack thereof, as a sort of date, in their own twisted way. Is this what you were inferring?

  7. Who played the graphic design guy in the tag? Also, did you have in mind the piece of art Pam thought would still be on the wall in her old art room?

  8. Did Ed Helms have a stunt actor for his golf cart mishap? The entire vehicle collapsed. It was great.

  9. I swear I heard someone cracking up in the background during the big PB&J kiss. Please tell us the details of filming that scene. For example, was “Kiss her. Kiss her good” an improvisation?

  10. The graphic design guy in the closing segment- was this one of John K’s brothers, or even John K himself?!? It looked and sounded a LOT like him. If yes (or no, but you cast him understanding the resemblance), what were you trying to convey by choosing someone so Jim-like?

  11. was michael’s search for the “best and the brightest” intern an attempt to replace ryan? it seemed like the equivalent of the chair model replacement for jan.

    great episode guys, love the dwight and angela scenes, perfectly executed.

  12. I could be wrong, but was the actor who played Justin the same actor who played Frasier’s son, Frederick, in Frasier? For some reason, that character popped right in my head when I saw “Justin”.

  13. Did you have to do several takes of the kissing scene where Steve was up close whispering to them? I imagine that would be a difficult one to get through without laughing or breaking character.

    Thanks guys!! Awesome episode!!!

  14. Why doesn’t Michael just tell Pam that he thinks she’s a great person and a talented artist to her face?

  15. One of my close friends and her boyfriend (now husband) have always said “I like you” to each other instead of “I love you” (not that they don’t say that as well) and I have always found it to be so completely endearing. That little line from Jim made my heart melt. Where did you guys come up with that?

    Thanks so much for an awesome episode/

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