Got a ‘Niagara’ question for Mindy Kaling?

Do you have a question about last night’s wedding episode of The Office?

I am excited that producer/writer/actor Mindy Kaling has agreed to answer your questions about the episode! Mindy co-wrote ‘Niagara’ with The Office executive producer Greg Daniels.

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Remember, non-spoilerish questions about ‘Niagara’ only. Thanks!


  1. Mindy! I heart you! Okay, I want to know how you guys went about picking and choosing what we would and wouldn’t see. In most shows, you’d see the vows and the reception, and this strayed from formula. What was your thought process?

  2. Did you write/film a version where we could hear Jim and Pam’s vows? On the commentary for season 5 they said that it was very up in the air as to whether or not we would hear the proposal.

  3. Dear Mindy,

    You rock.

    I’m curious about the decision not to include the dialogue of the vows. Did you not think you could write the perfect ones or did you think there was already enough cuteness in the episode?

  4. Mindy-

    What was the reasoning behind Pam’s mom telling her “she didn’t have to do this?” to Pam before the wedding? It seemed to run counter to the tight bond they seem to have when talking on the phone in Casino Night in S2.

  5. I liked how you had Dwight putting Michael in his place in this episode. Dwight used to be so devoted to Michael. What was the “tipping point”?

  6. Hey Mindy! I’m curious about the use of the idea from the YouTube wedding dance video. Did you guys contact the original bride and groom? Also, were plans to film the reception ever in the script? Thanks!

  7. Did you have to practice the dancing scene, or did everyone just go out and improv dance moves?

  8. I’m wondering how many ties were sacrificed when John and Jenna were filming the scene in the back of the church?

  9. Mindy Kaling: You are awesome.

    I was wondering if Pam and Jim also danced down the aisle? :) And if they did, will we be seeing it as a deleted scene?

  10. Mindy Mindy Mindy. This episode was absofruitly fantastic! I loved every part of it. I’m just curious as to why none of the typical wedding-y things were shown, i.e. the vows and reception and whatnot.

  11. Mindy- GREAT job! This episode rocked my socks off.
    I was wondering if the woman that accompanied Stanley is his wife in real life? Did any of the characters have their family members in this episode? If I remember correctly, didn’t Phyllis have her real family in her wedding episode?

  12. What a fantastic episode, thank you so much!

    I was wondering if you could describe the reactions the cast had when they first read this script? Specifically Steve, John and Jenna. Did John and Jenna have any input in how they wanted “their” wedding to be? Was the final version you produced better than the cast had expected?


  13. Dear Mindy,
    How come no bachelor or bachelorette party episode for the lovely couple before the wedding episode?

  14. Man, that was a great episode! I was wondering, who wrote most of the romantic type of parts? Was that mostly you or Greg? I’m guessing you since it was totally stuff girls would appreciate (mental pictures, plans a, b, & c). Thanks! (P.S. I LOVE THE INJURY!)

  15. First off, thank you so much for such a wonderful, perfect episode. We could not ask for anything more! My question is how did the cast feel during the taping of the episode? Did you guys have fun filming the episode and was it amazing to see how far the characters have come in 6 years? Thanks!

  16. In this episode, it seems like Kelly and Erin are starting to be really good friends! When did they start to become friends? Also, will Andy ever get Erin?

  17. Hi Mindy,

    I was wondering how long ago this episode was written? Since part of this episode was based on a viral video, was the episode written after that video spread across the internet? Were there other ideas for the ending before that video came out?

    Loved the episode and cried at the montage! You are amazing!!!

  18. Mindy-

    What are the production logistics of getting several people to “vomit” all over the place? How do you do it? How many takes? :)

  19. Mindy, you are my absolute favorite writer—thanks so much for taking the time to do this!

    The episode was a wonderful culmination to the love story of a couple we’ve been rooting for since the beginning. Is there any chance a producer’s cut will be released? Or more wedding moments in the deleted scenes? I just can’t get enough! :)

  20. Hi Mindy,
    Just wanted to start by saying that the wedding episode was absolutely perfect…I laughed, cried, felt awkward in some moments haha which was fabulous :) I am also wondering how you came up with the idea to use the You Tube wedding dance video? and Also how you came up with the idea for jim and pam to have their own special vows for themselves on the “maid of the mist” boat tours!
    Thanks again for giving us such a brilliant episode…much love from Canada !! :)

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