Got a ‘Night Out’ question for Mindy?

We are on a roll here, with The Office writers generously agreeing to do another episode Q&A! Thank you thank you thank you. :)

Do you have a question for Mindy Kaling about last night’s episode, ‘Night Out’?

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  1. Mindy, I really liked this episode! I thought the Toby storyline was a classic Office awkward moment! Was that Paul really jumping over the fence or a stunt double? Thanks, Wendy

  2. Toby’s moment has to be one of the most awkward ever. Was that really Paul scaling the fence?

  3. Mindy, I love how you wrote BJ’s part — it was fantastic. Very real. My question is: did Paul really climb that fence, and how many takes did you have to do?

  4. I’ve thought for a while that Ryan might have developed a drug problem living in New York (ex. his fast talking, the plethora of “new and exciting” ideas). Have past episodes been planting the idea of Ryan having a problem, or was this a new concept developed for the first time in “Night Out”?

  5. Great job Mindy! I liked the episode. When Toby touched Pam’s knee – I covered my eyes, I couldn’t even watch. Here’s my question – what was Toby thinking? Or was he just not thinking at all, and that was the problem?

  6. Mindy, great episode! I love and look forward to Kelly’s lines every week. Since you wrote this one, why not give yourself more hysterical lines? Or as the writer do you not want to come off as a line hog? :)

  7. Hi, Mindy. Great episode. (I also liked your 10 Things in the new Esquire, too. Beautiful photo.)

    I enjoyed the bookended ’80s references for Michael near the beginning and end of the episode. Did you write both of those, or did Steve Carell improvise either/both?

    In the headshots — that’s what you guys call them, right? I thought I heard that on one of the DVD commentaries — it seems as though SC is improvising. Is that the case, or are they more tightly scripted?

  8. Awesome episode! It seems that especially in this episode with assuming that the cleaning crew only spoke Spanish and in “Survivor Man” with the combined birthdays, we have seen Jim act a little more like Michael. Was Jim re-evaluating his career part of the original season 4 story arc or were these little tidbits just part of showing Jim’s less-than-perfect side?

  9. The cold open with Michael getting gum in his hair is a lot like the Simpsons episode “22 Short Films About Springfield” which I think Greg Daniels lead the writing on, is this a coincidence?

    Even down to the whole peanut butter thing.

  10. Hi Mindy!

    I’m thrilled to see so many references to “Back to the Future!” Most directly was Michael’s tattoo discussion. Was that planned, or ad-libbed? Are you or the other writers big fans of the trilogy?

    I’ve also noticed the other references–Michael’s Iococca/DeLorean confusion, Dwight & Andy’s fight in the “Merger” about a time machine and going to 1985. And, most indirect–Schrute Farms (house, barn, and land) is the same Disney-owned farm used in “Back to the Future” where Marty crashes the DeLorean into the barn.


  11. Great Episode Mindy!!!! When it comes to writing an episode, like THIS one, how do you go about writing YOUR character in? ‘How DARE you?’ Haha :D

  12. Two Questions)
    There were a lot of physical gags in last night’s show, like Pam hitting Meredith in the face and Toby scaling the fence and jumping over. I was wondering if the actors performed those or stuntmen?

    How did Michael end up talking to his mom in the club scene? I know he’s feeling rejected but did he actually call his mom for consolidation?

  13. First off, great episode Mindy. Ever since The Injury, I have been super excited when I know you’re writing an episode. Now the question…

    Ryan’s new found addiction fits perfect with how his character has evolved since his promotion. Was there ever a question of how you were going to present this in the episode? Did it start off as a dramatic twist or was it always supposed to be the subtle comedy built up over the length of the episode?

  14. My favorite scene was the one with Jim and Ryan – so uncomfortable – in a fabulous way!!
    What was the conversation Jim and David Wallace had at the xmas party?
    The suspense is killing me….. I hope it lasts

  15. I think this is one of my favorite episodes now. I was wondering, did Paul actually jump that fence or did he have a stunt guy? If he jumped it himself, he is completely awesome.

  16. I read that a Christmas episode was written and then scrapped due to the strike but that parts of the episode were going to be “vultured” and used throughout the rest of the season. In the kitchen scene, which seemed pretty pivotal, Ryan mentioned Jim speaking to David Wallace at the Christmas Party about DMI. Was there to have been a scene with Jim talking to David in the scrapped episode or was that written specifically for Night Out?

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