Got a question about ‘Weight Loss’?

The Office’s Gene Stupnitsky has graciously agreed to answer your questions about last night’s Season 5 premiere!

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P.S. Hey Tallyheads, just to set expectations, I won’t be asking the writers to do Q&A for every episode this season. I stalk the writers enough already, I don’t want them to put out a restraining order against me. :)


  1. What alternative ideas did you have for Jim and Pam? I loved what happened, but I’m sure other possibilities were discussed.

  2. Is there a story behind the Ryan’s (and Michael’s and Dwight’s) goatee? I recall the writers rejecting a goatee last year for being too lame for even Ryan (hence the beard), so I was surprised to see it.

  3. What’s up with Ryan’s goatee? I thought last year the writers gave him a beard because a goatee was too lame even for Ryan?

  4. I can’t believe the Q&A is happening again! This is amazing!

    I thought the concept of following everyone through the summer week by week was really cool (and definitely a time at Dunder Mifflin I’ve been curious about!). Why did you decide to change up the format, and were there unique challenges that arose because of the change?


  5. The proposal was such a well kept secret that no one really saw coming in this episode. Two questions: (1) Did the entire cast/crew know about the filming of this scene? and (2) How/where was it shot to keep it a secret from the public? (Freeway rest-stops in LA aren’t very secluded).

  6. It’s great that the camera guy is like another character on the show. Was it actually in the script for him to “sigh” when he got denied entrance into Pam’s dorm room?

  7. What was going on with Meredith’s face? Why was it all red and blistered?

    (perhaps this was explained in a deleted scene but I’m in the UK so can’t view them, sorry!)

  8. Ryan got arrested at Dunder Mifflin for fraud, now the company just takes him right back?

    This seems ridiculous.

    Any info on why/how he is back?


  9. Congrats on a great season opener!

    Is there a particular reason why Amy Ryan is not a regular cast member and just a guest star for a few episodes? She’s GREAT and would be awesome to keep her in the show forever. :)


  10. Please explain Meredith’s extreme sunburn at the beginning of the ep!!!! We’re dying to know what awful things you planned to do to her which inevitably didn’t make the cut.

  11. In the scene at the gas station w/ Jim and Pam, (vague for spoilers) did you have to make it rain with TV magic, or wait for a really rainy day to shoot it?

  12. Is Ryan sincere (at least partly) as he tries to make amends with Kelly, and maybe get back together? Or is it just part of his calculated plan to get back on top?

  13. At the beginning of the episode, we see the photo that Darryl took of everyone on the scale and it said how much they weighed. I expected to see that through the rest of the episode but it never showed up again. Was that originally going to happen everytime and just got edited out for time?

  14. How did Steve and BJ feel about their temporary beardlets?

    And if someone hasn’t already asked, what happened to Meredith? Were there any (other) cut storylines?

    Thank you Gene for that awesome roller coaster ride of an episode. And thank you tanster for stalking the writers on our behalf.

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