Got any ‘Office’ questions?

A little birdie told me that Kristin Dos Santos of E!’s Watch With Kristin will be visiting ‘The Office’ set tomorrow (lucky gal!), and she would like to know if y’all have any questions you want answered?

If so, please post a comment with your question below!


  1. Not a question, just a plea. PLEASE DON’T BREAK UP PAM AND JIM!!!!

    Oh…actually I do have a question. Will Jan go into labor in the office and Michael and Dwight have to deliver the baby? Because THAT would be funny.

  2. Will we get to see a picture of Toby on the beach in Costa Rica?

    What will Rainn Wilson do to Jenna if “The Rocker” doesn’t make the amount of money needed?

  3. i second joe’s question: where is packer?

    also, will mike shur and greg daniels still be writing for the original series even though they are exec producing the not-so-spin-off?

    spoilers please!!!

  4. Will we ever see Roy (David Denman) again? (For example, will Pam run into him or something?)

  5. all of season 4 had SO much story to it than any other season…. will there be more story in season 5 or more comedy?

  6. Jan seemed pretty far along in the season finale of season 4 so I’m guessing we won’t have to wait until the season 5 finale for her to give birth. Is she going to go into labor at the Christmas party? Because that would be hilarious!

  7. Will a new character be brought in to be the receptionist while Pam is away at art school? Thanks! Wendy

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