Got ‘Classy Christmas’ questions for Mindy Kaling?

I’m so excited that The Office’s Mindy Kaling has agreed to answer your questions about last night’s episode, ‘Classy Christmas’! The episode was written by Mindy and directed by Rainn Wilson.

Please post your questions for Mindy here by 11pm PT tonight.

UPDATE: here’s the Classy Christmas Q&A with Mindy!


  1. I was just curious why you decided to have Dwight be pretty mean in this episode, compared to the last episode where we actually saw him be compassionate?

  2. Hi Mindy! Is it weird to shoot outdoor scenes when it’s meant to be snow-worthy weather but in reality it’s hot? Does everyone get ultra sweaty underneath their coats? P.S: I LOVE YOU

  3. Was John Krasinski actually ‘injured’ during the snowball fight? Sure looks like Rainn had a lot of fun!!! Great Jim & Dwight dynamics you’ve got there. ;)

  4. Mindy,
    I really enjoyed Classy Christmas, but I have a quick question about it. Why did you choose to portray Jim in such a weak-willed way in regards to Dwight’s snowball success? We were all eager for Jim’s famous comeback, or at least a cool-headed response, but he seems to act more like a PTSD victim than his usual charming self.

    What happened?


  5. How many times did John and Rainn have to shoot those snowball in the face scenes? Snowballs can hurt! And it sure didn’t look like they were holding back.

  6. Kelly’s “nobody does anything for me anymore unless i threaten to kill myself” line was my favorite. Which character do you find it’s easiest to write single lines of dialogue for?

  7. A lot of us were hoping to see something about Jim’s Christmas card from season 2, will we ever see it again?

  8. Hi Mindy, thanks for doing this!

    How did it feel having Amy Ryan back? And how was Rainn as a first time director on the show?

    Thanks very much!

  9. Hey Mindy,..What’s Michael’s excuse for re-gifting to Kelly? i hope it was only a ‘placeholder’:)
    also Merry Christmas!!!

  10. Was it in the script as to how many snowballs Dwight threw at Jim for the snowball attacks or was it a directorial choice on Rainn’s part? He really seemed to be having a hell of a time throwing them at John.

  11. Mindy, I want to know how did John manage being hit with snowballs at least 20 times in the episode? (I hope there’s really funny outtakes from those scenes!)

  12. Dwight’s Wigs of the Office bit was one of the funniest I’ve seen in a long time! How did the idea come to fruition?

    P.S. AWESOME episode =)

  13. Was there any concern about taking the Jim/Dwight snowball fight too far? Jim covered in blood really made it more than just a prank.

  14. I absolutely loved the episode! It evoked so many different emotions in such a short period of time, so kudos! I kept wondering why Pam was trying to get the approval of her gift for Jim from her co-workers, though. She and Jim are clearly on their own wavelength, and there’s no doubt in my mind that he’d love anything she gave him. Why would it matter to her what Ryan or Phyllis thought? She’s not particularly close with them, so it just kind of struck me as odd that she’d want to get their opinion. What was the rationale for that?

    Oh, and Jim’s reaction to it was absolutely priceless. Perfect. Loved it. A+.

  15. About those snowmen at the end…What were they made of and how long did it take the Props crew to make them?

    Thanks for a fabulous episode!

  16. First of all, you’re great, Mindy!

    From what I can tell the snowballs were real, so I’d like to know how John and Rainn each handled being pummeled with snowballs! I mean to get hit with a snowball in general is pretty jarring, yet alone in the face!

  17. I loved how the Michael/Holly storyline had so many connections with “Employee Transfer” and “Lecture Circuit, Part 2.” Are we ever going to find out what was in Holly’s letter that Pam read for Michael, and if Pam was telling the truth about it “not being over”? I’ve been waiting two years to know!

  18. Hi Mindy,
    We found out in this episode that the “Scranton Strangler” is facing trial. He’s come up in several episodes and I was wondering what his backstory is. Would you please share it? :)


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