Got ‘Delivery’ questions for Danny and Charlie?

I love doing these Q&As so much. I’m a complete geek for behind-the-scenes details.

‘The Delivery’ writers Danny Chun and Charlie Grandy have graciously agreed to feed the addiction this time around.

Because for such a big milestone episode like this one, I figured y’all might have a few things you want to ask about. :)

Post your questions here about ‘The Delivery’ by 11pm PT today, March 5th. Thanks!


  1. Why was Dwight visibly upset or shaken at the end of the episode? I didn’t quite understand what upset him so much?? (By the way, GREAT job guys!)

  2. 1) How was the baby’s name decided?

    2) Was the baby-switching idea from an Office writer’s personal experience? Or was it just a random idea?

  3. Good job writing an amazing episode :) Just wondering how you chose the name Cecelia Marie.

  4. Lee Kirk was the lactation consultant! How did that one happen, guys? Was that Jenna’s doing?

  5. How did anyone keep a straight face in the scene when Michael is down on the floor behind Jim trying to comfort Pam? Did that scene need a lot of takes?

  6. Oh man, GREAT episode! My 2nd favorite after The Injury! First question I have is where’d the name come from?

  7. Thank you so much for doing a Q & A on this wonderful episode! My question is: what was the inspiration for the baby’s name?

  8. First off, I want to thank all of you for an absoulutly AMAZING episode!
    Secondly, my question is how did you finally decide on a name/gender for baby Cecelia?

  9. Oh man! this episode was great guys!
    i loved it so much! where did you get the idea of them feeding the wrong baby? that was hilarious!

    also.. I wanted to know if there was any big improv from any of the actors in this episode. was there?

  10. It was so funny to see Lee Kirk (Jenna’s real-life fiance) as the breastfeeding coach. How did that casting process go, and was it tough for the actors to keep it together during that scene?

  11. My question is in two parts: how and where did you seek the inspiration to create the vision for such a significant episode, and how (and to what extent) did you collaborate with the other writers and actors to portray this?

    Thanks Danny and Charlie for such an entertaining episode!

  12. First of all, thank you and congratulations on such an amazing episode! I read an interview that said that at one point the baby was actually the opposite sex and then it changed. Was there a reason for this and is there a reason that we wound up with adorable Cecilia instead of James Jr? Thanks!

  13. Was Andy’s line “So it’s a date” a reference to Jim’s “Then it’s a date” line from ‘The Job’ or was that just a coincidence?

  14. On most shows when someone has a baby, the baby comes out at a 3-month-old’s size. Cecilia was very tiny and actually looked like she could be a newborn. How old was she really, and whose baby is it in real life?

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