Got questions about ‘Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager’?

For the first time in OfficeTally history, we’ve got the episode star and writer on board to answer your questions!

That’s right, Rainn Wilson and Justin Spitzer have generously agreed to answer questions for this last episode Q&A of the season.

So post away! You’ve got until May 13, 10pm PT.

P.S. Your question has a better chance of being answered if it’s about this episode.


  1. Rainn, what’s your influence for Dwight? Is there a certain character of a film/show that you use or is it based off an actual person you know? Or is it based on the UK equivalent Gareth?

  2. Rainn,

    What was your first reaction when you found out you were going to have an episode where Dwight would be completely in charge? Did you have any say in how Dwight’s office would look?

  3. Rainn, Did you get to put in your input on how Dwight would behave when he finally becomes office manager? If so, what did you want Dwight to do that the writers hadn’t thought about?

  4. Rainn, how would you compare Dwight’s previous experience as manager (The Job) with this recent one?

  5. Rainn,

    Where has Dwight’s maintenance worker Nate been? It’s been awhile since we’ve seen him. Also, was it fun leading a conference room meeting? And what kind of a doll was the one you adjusted on the desk in the opening credits, which was hilarious by the way?

  6. Not directly related to this episode, but what’s Gabe’s role on the show? Early in this season, he seemed to frighten Michael’s authority, but as the season has gone on, it seems his role as an authoritative figure in the office has diminished? For example, he was completely sucking up to D’angelo in “The Inner Circle,” like he had no authority.

  7. Hi Rainn and Justin!
    Rainn, is there anything you’d like to see Dwight do that he hasn’t yet? Also, do you ever feel like you’re “bringing” Dwight into other characters you play?

    Justin, as a writer on one of the funniest shows on television, what do YOU find funny?

  8. The Office is BACK! Truly enjoyed tonight’s episode. It was like was like old times. I laughed out loud many times!

    Will we find out who the permanent manager will be before the end of the season finale?

  9. To Justin,
    A) What are the chances Creed and Hank get more airtime next season?
    B) For “Goodbye Michael”, what was the writing like for it? Was everyone tossing in ideas, such as all the past episode references?
    To Rainn,
    What has been your favourite Dwight episode/moment and why?

  10. Fantastic episode.
    I would like to know where you would like to see the show going in the next upcoming season?
    What stories have we not seen yet?

  11. We have heard so much about the season 7 finale episode. But most of what we heard is about finding the new manager and all the guest stars.
    What else can we look forward to? like with smaller story arcs?

  12. Andy was shown in a very Dwight-esque short sleeve shirt and tie. Was there a subplot that got cut involving Andy wanting to mold his appearance to Dwight’s since Dwight was now (acting) manager? Andy has always been a suck up.

  13. How did you come with with the gun idea. The whole thing was hilarious, from the actual gun shot to Toby being excited about filling out the forms and everyone blackmailing Dwight.

  14. Forget Jim/Pam, Andy/Erin, Michael/Holly. Dwight and Angela is the greatest love of all time! Date Night teased about a possible reunion. Any chance this might happen??

  15. Loved the episode! So many questions!

    Why did the writers choose to have Dwight take over as acting manager – were other possible characters discussed? Were you worried that people would compare it to The Job?

    Whose idea was it to do the different endings to the intro, including Dwight’s Samurai doll?

  16. Hey guys,

    Fantastic episode! How have the cast and writers responded to the change in dynamic since Steve left? There have been some really great scenes featuring the entire ensemble the past few episodes like the gunshot tonight.

  17. I loved the part about the copy codes. We have the same problem at my work (people sharing codes, loud beeping). What was the inspiration behind this? I thought it was so spot on.

  18. To Justin, Rainn: It’s not about this episode, but I’m sure many TallyHeads are wondering: Will David Wallace appear in Season 8? We never got to see him in the Season 7 episodes he was billed to appear in (Threat Level Midnight, Goodbye Michael). Will we get to see more of him in the future to make up for it? We miss him!

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