Got questions about ‘Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager’?

For the first time in OfficeTally history, we’ve got the episode star and writer on board to answer your questions!

That’s right, Rainn Wilson and Justin Spitzer have generously agreed to answer questions for this last episode Q&A of the season.

So post away! You’ve got until May 13, 10pm PT.

P.S. Your question has a better chance of being answered if it’s about this episode.


  1. Hi Justin!
    I feel like when one of the original writers writes an episode, It is way better. For example, Goodbye Michael, Michael’s last Dundies and this episode have all been amazing. How do you decide who writes the episode? I wish you, Paul, Greg, or Mindy would write every one!

  2. Justin, what was it like writing the first Carell-less episode of the series to rely only on the main ensemble of the show (and not including a guest like Will Ferrell taking a large focus of the episode)? Was there any pressure?

  3. Could you please tell me if that was a real piranha in the tank, and if so, did it require special animal expert supervision? I’ve heard that all potentially dangerous animals require trained guardians, but I don’t know if that applies to fish.

    Thank you in advance for answering my question.

  4. Rainn and Justin, has there ever been any discussion of a spin off series with the character Dwight? There are so many layers to his character and I think it would be an interesting show.

  5. What happened to Jo’s Great Danes? They weren’t the dogs shown in this episode. Is there a story behind that?

  6. Rainn —

    Episodes like this come along every once in a while where you really get to be emotional with your character, and you do such a good job of portraying Dwight, his allegiance to the company, and his amazing reverence towards the Regional Manager position, even if he’s not the one who gets to fill it.

    To Rainn and Justin —

    The beginning of this episode really reminded me of Dwight’s role in Season 3’s “The Job.” Were there any references in drafts of the script to Dwight’s past experiences as commander of the office, such as Schrute Bucks? I noticed Dwight’s lofted desk dream finally came true!

  7. Rainn-Having obviously known your character for seven years, did you add anything to the episode that you thought Dwight would have in the office, for example, the American flag, the desk or the gun/holster or were these all the writer’s ideas?

  8. Who painted the portrait of Dwight and for how much can I have it above my fire place?

  9. To either Rainn or Justin:

    Is Honk Schrute anything like Mose, will we ever get to see him in a future episode & if so, will he be played by a writer? Thanks for another awesome episode!

  10. Was it hard to make the episode not like the season 3 finale when Michael Scott thought he would get a job at corporate and selected Dwight as Manager?

  11. Great Ep! Did Dwight retire Schrute Bucks after his last stint as manager?

    And secondly my husband and I are having a debate…Was Andy wearing a short sleeve dress shirt to try to suck up to Dwight?

  12. Rainn & Justin, the file cabinet/Kevin Malone mounting massage may be the most awkwardly funniest moment since Michael spanked his nephew! Did this scene go totally by the script, or was there some improving going on there Rainn?

  13. Justin & Rainn, is there any hope for Dwight’s love life? Angela seemed turned on by the pledge of allegiance…or was the gun a sudden turnoff? Also, will Andy’s hearing be good for the finale?

  14. how was it to climb on Brian like that? You, Brian, Oscar and Angela must’ve laughed a lot, right?

  15. One of the funniest episodes I have ever, ever seen. Rainn, you melted my face from laughing so hard. That being said, is “DeAngelo” gone for good?

    Keep up the amazing work!! So grateful for people like you bringing laughter in a dim world!

  16. I think you should have a new boss come in every week….that would be fun to watch and wonder who the “star” boss would be each week! Just a thought….

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