Got questions about ‘Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager’?

For the first time in OfficeTally history, we’ve got the episode star and writer on board to answer your questions!

That’s right, Rainn Wilson and Justin Spitzer have generously agreed to answer questions for this last episode Q&A of the season.

So post away! You’ve got until May 13, 10pm PT.

P.S. Your question has a better chance of being answered if it’s about this episode.


  1. Was Dwight’s line “If you ruin this, I will burn this office to the ground” a callback to “I will burn Utica to the ground” from Branch Wars?

  2. I’ve seen a lot of people asking if Andy’s short-sleeved dress shirt was a way of sucking up to Dwight, but since the Andy/Erin dynamic was a major subplot of the episode, I was wondering if Andy was kind of a mirror of Season 2 Jim? He was wearing a blue shirt with a black tie, and when he left Erin’s desk, he did the same kind of drumming on it that Jim used to with Pam.

    Thanks, Rainn and Justin, for a great episode and for taking the time to answer fan questions!

  3. Guys, really enjoyed the episode. Was it shot while Steve was still around, or did you just film it in the past couple weeks?

  4. A Few Questions:

    Gabe seems to be painfully attached to Erin, is there any hope for some type of closure for him or will he continue to sabotage Erin’s future relationships?

    What happened to Jo’s big dogs? I love the new ones though! :)

    Is there a purpose for the elephant optical illusion being taped to the wall by Phyllis’ desk? I never noticed it before this episode.

    Did Oscar actually film the back massage scene on his blackberry?

    Lastly, were there any rejected ideas for Jim to make Dwight do other than jazz hands and shagadelic baby?

  5. justin & rainn, would I be insane to imagine an office where tim heidecker is boss? I love dwight as acting manager, actually, but we know that can’t last…right? Last night’s episode quickly jumped onto my top 5 favorites, by the way.

  6. Rainn – What did it feel like sitting behind the desk in Michael’s old office? It was done before for the finale of Season 3, but this time Steve wasn’t there and neither was Michael. Did memories flash through your head of the numerous times you and Steve had scenes in Michael’s office?

    I just also wanted to comment that your show is my favorite and helped me through one of the hardest parts of my life, it was the only thing that made me laugh in those tough times. :)

    Thanks Again!!!

  7. During the Dwight/Kevin massage scene, didn’t everyone just want to scream out “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID”? Was it written that way, but not actually written as a TWSS joke due to Michael’s absence? I was waiting for it because it was so obvious. I know if Michael was still around, he would’ve jumped on that opportunity.

  8. Just want to say Congrats to Justin for all his great work on the show. It’s not every day the guy who played your dad in a high school production of All My Sons writes for one of the best shows on TV. Go Pascack Hills!

  9. how did you come up with the crazy long-ass title of the episode? Were there other titles suggested?

  10. Rainn, are you like dwight in real life? :)

    And didn’t Erin used to have brown hair? She and Andy should hook up

  11. Justin, great episode! Ok, so when Mindy writes an episode, she always tries to make sure that she has her certain signature elements written in each one of her episodes, like Dwight playing the flute, etc. I’ve noticed that your episodes usual mention religion or make some kind of religious or anti-religious statement. Would you consider adding these types of lines your signature on an episode? I thought it was funny to have that insight on Gabe and Oscar with the flag salute.

    Rainn, were you asked to pose for that painting? Or was that just more of the genius of the props department?

    Also, what was the table read like for this episode? No Steve Carell, no special guests, except for “Jo”… Did it give a good vibe for what’s ahead next season?

  12. To Justin: How far ahead have the writers planned next season or are you waiting to see reaction of season finale?

  13. Why not a single tiny reference for Michael? I know the show must go on… but still specially from Dwight… Michael was his best friend… I love last night episode tho!it was really funny!!!

  14. Will Creed be the “acting manager” for very long? And my favorite part was when Dwight shot the gun and Andy grabbed his ear! I really thought Dwight had shot him and I couldn’t stop laughing when Andy exclaimed how loud that was!

  15. Hi Dwight/Rainn,

    After you told Mose on the phone that you received the promotion and he finished screaming (best opening ever!), how did you two celebrate? Did you have a party at Schrute Farms?

    Thank you,
    Jonathan Polan

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