Got ‘Threat Level: Midnight’ questions for B.J. Novak?

I’m thrilled that veteran Office writer/producer B.J. Novak has agreed to answer fan questions about this week’s episode of The Office, Threat Level: Midnight!

If you have a question for B.J. about TLM, please post it in a comment below.

This post will close at 11pm Pacific Time tomorrow night, so get your questions in stat!


  1. Did you guys consider putting the Dwigt line or “I foget it brutha” into the script? Those were some of the best parts of the season 2 episode?

  2. Did the actors look back at footage at all to get back into that time period of their characters? I.e. Jim and Pam and their tension

  3. No question from me … Just congrats on what I think is the most hilarious episode ever. Tears in my eyes from watching Toby’s head blow up!!!!!

  4. What was the vibe like on set, did it feel like a reunion? Did the extra crazy scenarios cause the actors to break more often than usual?

  5. Great episode and movie season 7 has been the best season yet. Will the full threat level midnight movie be made available online?

  6. Do you have any favorite scenes that didn’t make the final cut that you’d like to tell us about?

    Also, what year was the Dave Barry Page-A-Day from? 2011’s version is sitting in my kitchen and is pretty freaking amazing.

  7. Just curious what John Krasinski had to say about having to wear the gimp suit in the speed skating scene … And I agree …. Best season ever!

  8. How did Michael convince Angela to not only be in the movie, but dance, as well? Also, was the little boy in the bar a character we’ve met before, like Jan and Karen, or just someone Michael hired to be in the movie? Great job with this fantastic episode!

  9. I think dusting off the old plot was executed really well, but did you have any doubts when it came to writing this episode? Anything you weren’t sure about? I feel like it could have easily gone bad really fast but it was great and kind of a wink at the fans who have been with the show for a while, was that your intention?

    (and tanster, if you can, please ask if he’s got any other projects this year. BJ/Ryan is my favorite part of The Office and I’m really curious!)

  10. Have you always wanted to do more with Threat Level Midnight since the story first appeared in season 2? Or was this just a spontaneous episode idea to pay tribute to Steve before he leaves the show?

  11. Was it challenging writing an episode that’s such a different format after seven years of writing more or less the same style?

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