1. WOW I was happy just to see Captain Jack and Mr Brown but then, wait for it……. SQUEEEEEE Ed Helms too.

  2. I know the answer!

    Mr. Brown from “Diversity Day” and “Gay Witch Hunt”


    (I know you meant Andy…but still.)

  3. That’s fantastic – thank you! I just realized how many Daily Show “correspondents” are also affiliated with The Office – Larry Wilmore (Mr. Brown and consulting producer), Rob Riggle (Captain Jack), Ed, Steve. My two favorite shows go great together!

  4. Oh, what a surprise/treat that was last night!! Put a smile on my face as I headed off to sleep.

  5. I was so mad when I saw him on the show last night – I went to the taping on Thursday evening – so close, just one day off! Ed was too funny, though…what a fantastic piece of journalism!

  6. When this first started, I thought “Rob Riggle and Larry Whitmore (Mr. Brown and Capt. Jack) are always on the show. Ed really threw me for a loop.

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