Happy 100th episode, The Office!

This post contains coverage of The Office’s 100th episode celebration, which took place during the filming of the Season 5 finale ‘Company Picnic’ April 13-17.

May 13, 2009

Here are a couple of articles regarding The Office’s 100th episode milestone:

April 14, 2009

There was a break in today’s on-location shooting to announce The Office’s 100th episode to the press. I got to watch the festivities. Executive producer Greg Daniels gave an enormously heartfelt speech about the show’s early struggles, and then proceeded to name a long list of people who never stopped believing in the show’s magic. I almost teared up!

There was an enormous cake to cut, after which Rainn Wilson put his entire fist into the cake and tried to shake hands with people.

Here are a few of my snapshots:

The Office 100th episode

The Office 100th episode

Happy 100th episode, The Office gang! An enormous achievement.