Happy Birthday, B.J.!

B.J. Novak

Without B.J. Novak, there would be no Cadbury egg controversy, no Kool-Aid man, no Five Families, and no d-bag performance of the year.

Most importantly, there would be no OfficeTally.

Happy Birthday to the hottest Beardy we know,
B.J. Novak!


  1. Happy Birthday, B.J.! Hope you have fun! But only after you finish writing an awesomely hilarious episode for season 5.

  2. Happy Birthday, B.J.! Make sure no one combines the birthdays on this day. Go out an make it a great one.

  3. To the man that brought us Diversity Day! If I could, I would throw you a party in pink – Kelly Kapoor style, o’course!

  4. Happy Birthday, B.J.!
    Without you, not only would we not have THE best show on television, we wouldn’t have this wonderful community here.
    You rock! You’re so hot…and you’re so…hot…

  5. Happy 29th, B.J.! Hope it’s the best one yet!

    P.S. You are exactly 4 days younger than me!

    P.P.S. Thanks for getting me addicted to The Office by writing Diversity Day. I still say it’s one of the most brilliant episodes of television ever written.

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