Happy Birthday, Jenna!

Jenna Fischer

Jenna’s had a big year since her last birthday —

She starred in two major movies, broke her back, recovered, appeared in a music video, got together with Jim, was nominated for an Emmy, sashayed down a fashion runway, won another SAG award, and was chased down by the stalkerazzi … finally!

Happy Birthday, Jenna! You’re a genuine superstar. :)


  1. Happy birthday Jenna! It’s been a great week. Yesterday going back to work, today, birthday!

  2. Hey Tanster…don’t forget she was nominated for an Emmy too! Happy Birthday Jenna Fischer! Yay.

  3. Yeah, Happy Birthday to my BFF! May the next year bring you even more success, more laughs, more dreams met. We all love you!

  4. The only thing that could make this day better is ice cream.

    Happy Birthday, Jenna! Now get to work!!

  5. Happy Birthday Jenna!

    Wow! Back to work in time for you birthday. I hope you had an “Office” birthday party! Enjoy your day.

  6. Happy Birthday Jenna! Hope today is filled with everything that makes you smile!

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